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Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life after a Broken Engagement


Editor: Xia

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Chapter 13

The time had come for me to finally show off my hidden dancing skills to the world. So far, I hadn’t danced at any of the parties I’d attended at the royal palace, but tomorrow it would be my turn to dance.

It was by the wish of the Crown Prince Erlan.

I heard that Crown Prince Erlan hailed from the largest country in our area and that he had a long-standing friendship with His Highness Willacliff.

Since it was the first time in ten years that His Highness Erlan had visited, a grand party lasting three days and three nights was organised. Naturally, the royal family would be invited to attend, but still His Highness Willacliff was initially reluctant to bring me along.

“Professor Reedbell’s teachings should hold up here. Though I don’t believe anyone will talk to me directly, I remember the history of both countries and I’ll keep their cultures in mind. I won’t make a mistake.”

“I have never doubted Runa’s efforts and diligence. You are my undisputed companion. No matter which country’s aristocracy one belonged to, they would not have any complaints if you appeared in front of them.”

Just receiving compliments from His Highness made my cheeks flush. Unlike when I was complimented by others, simply having His Highness Willacliff acknowledge me made me very happy.

“I will do my best!”

“That’s not what I meant… Ah, how should I phrase it…”

“Your Highness?”

Unexpectedly, His Highness made a troubled face. For him to show that expression, was it no good for me to be too much in the public eye?

Though it was true that male partners were common, I heard that in His Highness Erlan’s country, even marriages between men of noble and royal families were common. I was sure they wouldn’t look at me strangely. Perhaps then, I could finally fulfill my role as His Highness’s companion…

“Ah, don’t look so sad. It’s not your fault at all. I have a bad habit of worrying unnecessarily.”

“Your Highness?”

“No, we can’t do this forever. Since it’s a special party, let’s choose the best outfit. Let’s see…  Let’s choose one with vibrant colours. Yes, that shade of red looks good.”

“Your Highness…”

He unbuttoned my night robe, and my voice leaked out as he pinched my nipples.

Before I knew it, my chest was poking out, before His Highness had even touched them. It was incredibly embarrassing, but after His Highness said, “I’m glad you were anticipating me,” I tried to resist covering them with my hands. 

“The sides of your hair have grown out quite a bit. A braid on one side might look good.”

Right then, the hair on my right was brushed back, exposing an ear that was currently being nipped at. Being gently sucked on and bitten at that unclean place…it was too embarrassing.

“Runa… My most beloved Runa…”

The sound of His Highness’s breath and the feeling of his hot tongue on the nape of my neck made my whole body tremble. His Highness’s fingers and tongue caressed and traced over my entire body. Finally, when I accepted His Highness’s member, it became harder to hold back my voice.

“Hah… Mhm.. A..ah….”

“I’ve been able to get a lot deeper inside… Ah, it’s like you’re sucking on me down there… I don’t think I can hold on any more…”

“Ah, a… Not there… Your..High—”

“Runa, I’m not ‘Your Highness’, right?”

I felt His Highness’s heat on my back and heard his pleased voice saying, “Look”, as his hot, hard rod slowly entered me.

It should have been very painful. But somehow, before I knew it, I found myself feeling so good that the inside of my stomach was trembling. I shuddered so much that I was afraid my back would break.

”Ah, ah ― ! Ah, that’s… No… Ah!”

“Look, Runa…. Say it?”

“Mn, a.. Your Highness… ah… Sir… Willa!”

“……Ah, I can’t help it when you call me with your honeyed voice……”

Within a breath, he pushed even deeper inside of me. My vision started to flicker.

My waist was pressed down from behind, and my upper body crumpled down as my arms finally lost their strength.

“When I heard that you and Hart were engaged, I felt like I had lost everything.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to get things done if I was out of the country… At the time, I mourned that he was just a stupid little brother, but now I’m glad that he is what he is.”

“Fua, ah ―!”

“My marriage candidates moved as I expected. Among them, Lady Beata was the most accomplished, so I gave her to Hart.”

“..Hii…. ah… ah..stop..if you touch them together….ah..”

“I’m really glad I got there in time, and was able to quickly wrap up the situation with you… Ah, it feels like I’m soaked in your juices. Now… where should I go first?”

“No! Not touching together… ah…ah!”

“Then, let’s do both sides… Look, it’s swallowing me whole.”

“St-stop! Will, I’m going … going to go, so… ah ―”


Even though I couldn’t hear His Highness’s words very well, I could clearly hear my own loud, pounding heartbeat.

Ah, His Highness is… Sir Will is inside of me….

It was enough to make my insides clench. I pressed my hips against Sir Will’s hips, begging for more.

His hand continued to rub my manhood as he continued to pump in and out of me. From the squelching sounds I heard, I must have released enough tonight to cover his hands.

I have to wipe it off quickly… Just as that thought came to my mind, Sir Will pulled his hand away and placed it into his mouth. I desperately tried to stop him, but my lethargic body moved too slowly.

“Tonight, Runa tastes rather sweet.”

“If you say something like that…”

“All of you is mine… Your body seems to be getting used to me. Once more, I think you’ll be fine.”

“Your Highness.”


“… Sir Will.”

“Yes, let’s stop using this awkward title of ‘Your Highness’. Right, you don’t have to be afraid. I won’t do anything excessive. Just let me taste your insides once more, Runa.”

When I was faced with those bewitching green eyes, I couldn’t say no. Furthermore, I, too, was…

After that, I welcomed His Highness into my body twice more. The next day, I was able to get out of bed before noon had passed. Perhaps, as His Highness said, he didn’t do anything unreasonable…

His Highness Crown Prince Erlan was a man who had somewhat dark skin and a dashing face.

Although he was still a crown prince, his friendly personality was similar to His Highness Willacliff.

“It’s true. With such a beautiful woman, one can understand why Will was in such a hurry at that time.”

“A ‘beautiful woman’ is just…”

“Oh, I apologize for any disrespect. It’s a figure of speech I used because of your beauty. Please forgive me.”

“No, there’s no need for that.”

Was it correct for my hand to be taken and even kissed through my gloves?

This kind of act was done for unmarried women, but even as the companion of His Highness Willacliff, it was not something that a man like myself should receive.

“That’s why I didn’t want you to see Prince Erlan. Immediately giving such a flirtatious glance, as expected.”

“Oops, that’s saying too much. I don’t remember doing anything like that, though?”

“Don’t lie. Don’t you have lovers in various countries? It doesn’t matter to you whether they’re a man or a woman.”

“That’s true, but I’m not doing anything dishonest, am I? I love everyone equally.”

The word ‘love’ surprised me. Professor Reedbell mentioned it was commonplace for men and women to talk about love in His Highness Erlan’s country. It seemed to be true.

“But you’re much more beautiful than I could have imagined, Sir Ernis. I’ve never seen such a beauty before. I can fully understand how young Will fell in love at first sight.”

“Runa’s beauty isn’t just about his appearance. He’s diligent, hardworking, and above all, modest.”

“I see. A lady by day and a seductress by night. That’s the ideal of every man in the world.”

“This man you’re talking about is…”

Hearing those words uttered by His Highness in an unusual tone, I quietly looked up at him. The strained smile displayed on his face was very casual; I could tell that he and His Highness Erlan were very close.

“In any case, I was relieved to hear that you had successfully become Crown Princess. If it was your younger brother, that would have been terrible for this country. At that time, even I was frightened when the sleeping lion Will awakened. This is good. I’m really glad. “

The sleeping lion he referred to, was it His Highness Willacliff?

It was the first time I heard such an analogy. His Highness, who was so gentle and kind and loved by the people, was said to be as ferocious as a lion?

“Sir Erlan, you’re treading on thin ice here, so could you stop saying unnecessary things?”

“… My bad. Treat this as just my ramblings, Your Highness Willacliff.”

His Highness Ellan raised both his hands and laughed.

From the words and actions of the two, it was obvious that they were close friends, but… somehow, neither of their eyes were smiling.

“Well, since I’m finally in front of Sir Will’s jewel, I’ll be happy if I could ask for one song.”

“… Your Highness?”

“Alright, go and come back. He was using that term to describe your beauty, but if anyone tries to insult you, stomp on them as hard as you can. Understood?

“That’s scary. Haha, don’t stare at me like that. I’m not going to touch my friend’s companion. Please, take my hand.”

“Yes, please… take care of me.”

Although I’d danced with His Highness Willacliff before, this was the first time I’d danced with another person and I was nervous. Moreover, the other party was the crown prince of a neighboring country.

Perhaps realising I was too nervous, His Highness Erlan smiled gently and said, “It’s okay, just follow my lead.”

Like he mentioned, His Highness Erlan’s movements were very graceful. Simply by following his movements, I felt like I had become a better dancer.

I  finished the song without incident and patted my chest in relief. I hadn’t stepped on or tripped over anything. I was sure that I wasn’t an embarrassment as His Highness Willacliff’s partner.

With a slight sense of accomplishment, I looked up at His Highness Erlan, about to thank him, when a perfume of spices hit me. His face was too close to mine. I jerked back in surprise.

“You are Will’s lifeline. Please, look after yourself. It will keep the peace and tranquility of this country and its neighbors, including mine.”


“You dance very well, Sir Ernis. As expected of Will’s partner.”


His Highness Erlan’s face moved away again and the scent of spices faded.

I looked up at him again to ask about what he had said, but he only praised my dancing in a loud voice and I bowed hurriedly.

“Isn’t it heavenly, dancing with my companion?”

“Indeed, it was something that Sir Will should be proud of. He is indeed a crown consort of a great nation.”

At the sound of His Highness Erlan’s voice, the other surrounding aristocrats started to mutter amongst themselves.

I was sure it was because of His Highness’s loud voice. I was aware, better than most, that my skills weren’t good enough to be praised like that, and the aristocrats knew it too.

With too much praise, it would only make me stand out more than necessary…

“Did this improve the perception of Sir Ernis?”

“Because of His Highness Erlan’s praise, the aristocracy’s gazes  are slowly changing.”

“Hmm, then you didn’t need me to tell him that, did you?

“No, but it’s best to keep one’s feet as solid as possible. And in the case of those who have stupid delusions, it’s better to get rid of them as soon as possible.”

“Hahaha, you really haven’t changed, Will. Well, I hope it helped a little. With this, you and I don’t owe each other anything. 

“Oh, but I don’t think I owe you anything for this though? Of course, I don’t think your long stay in my country is considered a loan.”

“That’s why Sir Will is a terrifying man. Sir Ernis, be careful not to be swept away by Sir Will. You see, with that kind of sex appeal on your nape, you’ll fall prey to the delusions of the beasts around you.”


I gently touched my nape with my finger, wondering what it was, and was relieved.

Maybe, last night—!

I remember being kissed around my neck more carefully than usual last night. I had felt a tingling sensation at that time, but it wasn’t long before I learned that such a painful kiss meant I was being marked.

It was also pointed out to me by Kilt when I was taking a bath. I remembered himsaying, “That’s how much you’re loved.”

The mark is proof of such an act!

It was incredibly embarrassing to let others know about it. Even if it was normal for me to perform my duties as consort, I didn’t want it to be too obvious to others.

I was so embarrassed that the crown prince of the neighboring country knew about it that I felt like my face would burst into flames.

“Can you stop making fun of my companion?”

“Why? Didn’t you want to brag?”

I was still mortified, but since they were both laughing…it was a light and pleasant atmosphere. Both of them were smiling, so I wondered if this kind of topic was normal for them.

I wanted to check with someone, but I didn’t think I’d have the courage to ask Kilt either.

“Well, I think I’ll dance with a few more beautiful princesses.”

“Please don’t overdo it.”

“I won’t bother you further, Sir Will. Sir Ernis, would you be my partner for the last two days of the party?”


“That is, if you don’t mind, Runa. I’d be happy to partner with you.”

“No, if it doesn’t trouble you, it would be a pleasure to accompany you. If it’s alright with you, I’ll accept.”

“That’s great. Now I have two days to enjoy myself.”

His Highness Erlan smiled broadly, before leaving to enjoy dancing with the daughters of the major noble families. As for me, I was unaccustomed to being so high-strung, so His Highness Willacliff urged me to leave early.

Though I was exhausted from the nervousness and embarrassment, later that night, I still accepted His Highness and received a new mark on my nape.

And over the next two days, even though His Highness Erlan pointed out that my whole body showed signs of His Highness, I was still feeling rather happy.

Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life After a Broken Engagement 12

Life after a Broken Engagement


Editor: Xia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 12

I spent the last three days of my honeymoon mostly in bed.

I tried to get up, but I couldn’t garner enough strength from my waist down, and so His Highness instructed me to return back to sleep. Like that, we rested the whole day. When night arrived, His Highness’s passion was tenderly welcomed by my body.

Since I was receiving His Imperial Highness every night, my body was naturally incapacitated during the day.

Should I train my body more?

Since I’d entered the crown prince’s palace, I had been walking around the royal castle and moving my body more, but that might not be enough. Why else would I be unable to get up during these three days of our honeymoon?

In the first place, I’d never heard of any young lady who couldn’t get up after her honeymoon. Horseback riding… even if it was impossible, I had to find some other way to improve my physical strength. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to survive such a night in the future.


I recalled the night with His Highness and suddenly felt the back of my body turn numb. My whole body heated up, and I felt a warmth spread in the pit of my stomach. 

While gripping my lower abdomen with my right hand, I shook my head lightly. Such a topic was inappropriate to think about during the daytime.

“Sir Ernis.”

There was no one standing in front of where I was, overlooking the outer corridor leading to the royal palace. I turned to look behind me. Lady Beata was walking on the stone pavement that led to the royal castle’s courtyard.

“Greetings, Sir Ernis.”

“It’s been a while, Lady Beata. Ah, you don’t need to hurry like that.”

Lady Beata approached at a fast pace, despite her large belly. Her worried maids reached out and advised her to stop, but Lady Beata carelessly pushed back and said, “Leave us.” At the pace she was walking at, she quickly reached me.

“It’s too dangerous to walk in such a hurry.”

“Oh, Sir Ernis is too kind to worry about me. Even though I look like this, I’m rather good at horseback riding. I’ve been training my legs too.”

Her slightly puffed cheeks made her look so youthful that I unconsciously smiled.

By the way, the other day I heard that young Lady Beata had just turned sixteen years old. Her Majesty the King had fretted over the fact she was a young lady who only recently became an adult was already engaged. His Highness Hartward had been thunderstruck.

Moreover, she was a candidate for the crown prince and also the daughter of a noble family. It was no wonder that at the start, plenty of bad rumors had spread amongst the nobles.

His Majesty was increasingly distressed by this. Kilt said that it was His Highness Willacliff who comforted His Majesty and mediated between the two. His Highness Willacliff was truly a kind man.

“… Indeed, you’re as beautiful as a doll.” Lady Beata stared at me with her reddish-brown eyes.

“As a doll?”

“Yes, I have plenty of dolls that I have ordered from a foreign country, but I’ve never seen one as beautiful as Sir Ernis. You’re even more beautiful than a doll.”

“Is that so.”

I was unsure of her meaning, but I sensed her serious gaze observing me. I wondered if I looked that unusual, but I decided to let Lady Beata stare at me until she was satisfied. Eventually, I heard a small sigh.

“Lady Beata?”

“I wonder if what the Crown Prince likes is this beautiful face.”

“His Highness Willacliff?”

“Yes, because none of the candidates for crown consort had a face as beautiful as Sir Ernis’.”

How should I reply to this?

“My nanny always told me that a woman must be beautiful in every way, so I’ve always taken good care of myself from a young age. I used a lot of perfume and cosmetics that my mother brought from abroad, so I thought I could be a candidate for the position of crown princess like my dad wanted, but it didn’t work at all.”


“No one can win against a beautiful face like that of Sir Ernis.”

Her neatly groomed eyebrows dipped. That frowning expression on such a youthful and cute face made one unable to believe she was just sixteen years old… How should I reply to that?

“But it’s okay because I became Sir Hartward’s princess. My father and mother are very happy.”

“Ah, I’m happy for you.”

“Yes, thank you. It’s because of this and that that His Highness Hartward met me.”


“Unlike the crown prince, Sir Hartward loves sweets, beautiful clothing, and jewelry. Oh, he also likes plays and music. Right! Once, he took me to the Royal Theater because a famous singer was there. However, the crown prince doesn’t seem to like such things. Such a pity, because I really liked the crown prince’s face, but conversations with him weren’t as fun.”

I was a little uncomfortable with Lady Beata’s story.

As far as I knew, His Highness Willacliff did have a deep knowledge of the arts, including theater and music. He was also well versed in books on the arts and had shown me valuable books on several occasions.

“Not to mention, after arriving in the royal palace, there were a ton of singers and performers invited to host small concerts. At that time, I was pretty surprised at how extravagant it was. But I understood that it was because I couldn’t take a carriage to the theater in the city, and I was truly grateful. I’m very happy to be Sir Hartward’s princess. Hey, is Sir Ernis happy? Are you bored?”

“On the contrary, I am having a good time every day.”

“That’s good. I thought you might be bored in the company of the crown prince, so I brought you some sweets. I’m glad that you’re happy. You see, out of the crown prince’s candidates, I’m somewhat of an older sister. My mother instructed me to treat the others after me well. But now that Sir Hartward said no gifts, I have to listen. What a pity.”

I wonder if it was because she was my senior that she was concerned about myself, who had entered the royal castle after her.

It was so cute to see Lady Beata talking nonstop until her cheeks were slightly flushed. It made me smile. If I had a sister, she might be like this.

“… What a beautiful face. The crown prince must have liked beautiful faces. I like your face too, Sir Ernis.”

Lady Beata smiled happily, her soft blonde hair swaying.

There was a time when I thought that perhaps she still had feelings for His Highness Willacliff, but I was relieved to see that she seemed to be on good terms with His Highness Hartward.

“Lady Beata, so this is where you have been. His Highness is looking for you.”

“Oh, Harris. Ah! My new dress is arriving today! Have a good day ahead, Sir Ernis.”

“Ah, there’s no need to hurry.”

“Lady Beata, if you walk so fast, you might fall. Take the hand of your maid and walk carefully.”

“Alright, alright. You’re acting just like a big brother, Harris.”

Lady Beata, with her cheeks still puffed out, obediently followed the royal guard and walked slowly towards the royal palace, her maid beside her.

“Thank you for taking care of Lady Beata, Sir Ernis. And I am grateful for your care of my companion.”

“Companion…? …Oh.”

I could tell from the color of the ornaments on his chest that the royal guard in front of me was one of His Highness Hartward’s. There was only one close person I could think of who was a companion to a royal guard.

“You’re Kilt’s companion.”

“Yes, I apologise for the late introduction. My name is Harris.”

“Rather than me taking care of him, Kilt has been the one taking care of me, and quite well at that.”

“I think Sir Ernis is the only one who would praise such an unorthodox apprentice chamberlain, right?”

“No, that’s not true. I’m the one who is not like an aristocrat…”

When I answered that, his slightly narrowed eyes crinkled further as if he were smiling.

“I apologize for being so late in greeting you. I was a messenger for His Highness Willacliff back then, so I refrained from introducing myself.”

“Back then… Oh, when you delivered the book.”

”Yes, it was by chance that I was sent on that errand, so I refrained from any personal greetings. But now that you’re my husband’s employer, I thought I should say hello.” The messenger who used to deliver the books to the mansion on His Highness Willacliff’s behalf was indeed the person in front of me. I remembered because he was a large man with a calm demeanor and a friendly smile.

No wonder. Though he was a royal guard of His Highness Hartward, I thought he was rather familiar.

“By the way, did Lady Beata cause any trouble for you?”

“No, not at all. She just seemed curious about my appearance. I hope I didn’t come across as rude in my replies.”

“Oh, I’m sure that’s all right. Lady Beata is like Sir Hartward. They have a soft spot for beauty.”

“I see…”

‘I imagine Lady Beata would have been pleased to see you, Sir Ernis, because of your striking beauty. Did she stare rudely?”

“Just a little. Oh, but it didn’t feel rude, so don’t worry about it.”

“Apologies for any discourtesy. It’s probably because of her physical condition, but her princess education has been postponed for now. I ask for your forgiveness.”

“I’m also Lady Beata’s bodyguard and educator,” Harris smiled, “It’s not easy.” Even when he was His Highness Willacliff’s bodyguard, Harris had a soft and gentle demeanor. Furthermore, although he was a large man, I didn’t feel intimidated by him at all.

Perhaps it’s precisely because he’s like this that he’s Kilt’s companion.

A cheerful and energetic Kilt and a thoughtful and calm Harris. They suited each other. Imagining these two people side by side, I felt happy and grinned. 

“So that’s how it is. It’s no wonder that the royal palace has been so noisy.”


“Oh, I’m sorry for my rudeness. It’s just that I’ve been hearing rumors around the royal palace lately.”


“Yes, that the beauty of the Prince Consort is just like a goddess. Some even say that just a glance can add years to one’s lifespan.”

“That… How can I even respond…”

“Among the royalty, aristocrats, knights and guards, the name of Sir Ernis is well known. Before, I used to think that was because of your beauty. But seeing you now, I also get this sense of youthfulness. I’m convinced.”

I started to feel uncomfortable, and wondered who they were talking about. To be honest, I was a bit troubled; I’d never heard this kind of comment before, even though I’d been complimented about my appearance by my upperclassmen in school.

“Oh, I’ve heard from Kilt. Since you’re the royal guard of His Highness Hartward, you had also visited my home before…”

“Yes, I had been to the mansion several times as an escort for His Highness, so I saw you at that time. I had thought that you would be married to His Highness Hartward, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

No wonder. If he saw me back then, he must have known that I was a boring person.

I thought I had changed to be a little better than before, but had I? No, it wasn’t that I’d changed. It was more that I’d become aware that I was His Highness Willacliff’s companion.

With that in mind, before, when I wasn’t even aware of my fiancé, I must have made His Highness Hartward rather bored. That must have been why the engagement was abandoned. A simple, natural result.

“I was a boring person. I feel terribly sorry for His Highness Hartward.”

I really thought so. If he hadn’t been engaged to me, he could have met and married his suitable person earlier.

Plenty of clothes, tea, and the like were bestowed upon me, and now, they were all wasted.

“It’s not Sir Ernis’s fault. In the first place, it became a problem because His Highness Hartward had forced the issue. While the Crown Prince was traveling abroad, we couldn’t stop him on our own. We could only work behind the scenes to keep a lookout for you and make sure he didn’t put his hands on you.”

“… Traveling? Lookout?”

“Oops, my mouth slipped. Please forget the last part of what I just said.”


“About a year before your engagement to His Highness Hartward, the Crown Prince went to another country to promote goodwill with them. Didn’t you hear about it?”

It seemed I had heard such news from my father before.

It was a period where the neighboring countries were continuously arranging for visits. And in such a short time, it was said they managed to arrange and handle these exceptional gatherings. I hadn’t gone to the social circles and didn’t interact with the other aristocrats, so I only picked up bits and pieces of the story.

“When we heard about the engagement, we were very worried about what would happen. We were just relieved to have you back safely.”

What did it mean? As I tilted my head, unable to make sense of it, I heard another voice.

“Harris, you talk too much.”

“Sir Ernis, this is Captain Hardin of the Royal Guard. Have you come to greet Sir Ernis yourself, Captain?”

“Really, he’s just like Kilt. The two of them make for a chatty couple.”

“I wish you could just say we are good companions. And it’s not that I’m too talkative, it’s just that other people hide things too well.”

“That’s because it’s for the best. Here, return back to His Highness Hartward’s place.”

‘Yes, yes, I understand. Now, Sir Ernis, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Ah, yes.”

There was something on my mind, but I gave up the idea of continuing the conversation. I was too worried about the gaze of the captain of the Royal Guard, Hardin.

While I looked at Harris’s back as he departed for the royal palace, the captain said, “His Crown Prince is worried about you.” I turned my gaze toward the captain of the royal guard.

Huh? This person looks familiar somehow…

“I hope my foolish brother hasn’t caused you any inconvenience.”

“… Ah! Kilt’s—”

“I’m his older brother. I’m currently the captain of the guards, but I used to be the Crown Prince’s guard.”

“Ah. No, rather, I’m the one who has been helped by Kilt.”

“Is that so. That’s good.”

His smiling face resembled Kilt’s quite a bit. As expected from someone who came from a family that had produced guards for generations, he had a big and sturdy body.

“Maybe, the reason I was being requested for…”

“The Crown Prince will be returning to the royal palace early. I went to tell Kilt about it, but I heard that you just headed out for a walk.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“I’m just filling in the guard duty for Kilt. Don’t worry about it. Come on, let’s go.”

Was it really a bad idea to wander around by myself?

I asked something I had been thinking about.

Like Lady Beata, nobles and royalty usually walked around with their bodyguards and maids. That was common sense. I was aware of how it was. However, perhaps it was because I had always spent my time alone and free at home that I could not get used to such a situation.

His Highness must have understood this, even telling me that I could walk around by myself in the royal palace, but it might not be a good idea.

Besides, when I walked off randomly, Kilt and the maids would go searching for me every time. Should I change this willfulness of mine?

“The crown prince has mentioned it was fine. I don’t think there’s anything for you to worry about. Besides, His Highness often takes walks by himself.”

“That’s because… This is His Highness’s home and birthplace.”

His Highness and myself were in completely different positions. Besides, His Highness wouldn’t cause any inconvenience to the people around him.

“We have guards to escort the royal family. Sir Ernis, you are known throughout the guards. You don’t have to worry.”

“Is that so…”

“His Highness always keeps you in his mind, Sir Ernis. So there’s nothing to worry about.”

Truly, His Highness really cared too much. I wished I could respond as the crown consort, but I had yet to be given a role as royalty or a queen.

As I wondered what was happening and opened the door to my chambers, Kilt’s cheerful voice called out, “Let’s continue to polish our bodies carefully today~” 

When his brother heard those words, he demanded to know what those words were, and Kilt retorted, saying that was his method. I laughed at his antics.

I didn’t have any siblings, but I honestly thought that this kind of relationship was good. Furthermore, His Highness Willacliff and His Highness Hartward were also close-knit brothers.

I don’t want to cause trouble for those who care about me.

I reaffirmed my resolve to control myself so as not to cause trouble for those people.

Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life After a Broken Engagement 11 NSFW

Life after a Broken Engagement

Translator: Z

Editor: Xia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 11 (NSFW)

“Fwu, ahh…hh—”

“Yes, there’s a good boy. I can easily slide in the fifth dildo now.”

“Nnー!! Nhh, fu…fu, fuuu…!!”

“It seems that you’re relaxed now. It got soft down there pretty quickly.”

“Nnh! Uh, n…, fu, uuh…!”

“Now then, let’s put in the last dildo for tonight.”

As he said that, His Highness pulled out the dildo which was spreading my insides, making a slippery sound. The mysterious sensation, similar to the feeling of excretion I felt on the first day, got stronger and stronger, and when the dildo went through my entrance, it made my hips tremble.

It was mortifying that I couldn’t do anything about it. No matter how much I endured, my body wouldn’t listen to me.

“Let’s add some more lubricant just in case.”


Since I started taking the third dildo, a sweet-smelling substance called a lubricant was always poured into my body in between thrusts.

I was sure he was doing this so it wouldn’t be painful for me, and I was happy that His Highness paid attention to this, but… in a place like that, having His Highness’s finger spread me and insert a cold spout was an action which I could never get used to.

And while it was being poured, His Highness would look intently at it. When the substance sometimes spilled, he would say, “Ah, it’s dripping down.” Also, I just couldn’t get used to his finger stroking me there while the spout was still inserted. During those times, he would sometimes touch my testicles, which sparked a weird feeling in me, making my hips tremble even more. 

Oh, how shallow of me…!

For me, who knew nothing and couldn’t do anything alone, His Highness was going out of his way to teach me various things…

“Now, with this, you shouldn’t feel that much pain…right, relax…that’s right, good boy, I’ll put it in like this, slowly.”

At the same time His Highness spoke, I experienced a feeling of hardness that I had never felt before, causing me to almost unconsciously let my voice out. After that, it was pushed deeper bit by bit, repeatedly going in and out and even deeper.

It was true that I didn’t feel any pain, but the feeling of the dildo’s hardness was intense. Without realizing it, I tensed up my lower body, stopping the dildo from entering and exiting. In addition, it made an obscene squelching sound as some lubricant spilled out around it.

“Ah, I’m…, sorr…yyy…”

“It’s alright, you don’t have to apologize. Getting tensed up in the middle isn’t a bad thing…Fufu, it’s like I’m seeing my own thing being sucked in.”

His Highness slightly chuckled, once again pushing the dildo inside me. Without thinking, a sound of “Ihh!” escaped my lips, causing me to hurriedly bite my pillow.

“That’s it, that’s very good…yes, it’s all the way in. Besides, it seems that it is moving well inside…I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

His Highness looked like he was having fun while talking, but I couldn’t hear him over the squelching noises the dildo made as it pumped in and out of me. 

Then he kept on moving the biggest dildo, rubbing my insides so many times that before I knew it I was feeling tingly, before pushing it deeper inside than it ever had gone before.  With each pump in and out, I felt an immeasurable feeling of pressure and discomfort.

I didn’t know if it was because I felt scared that I tried to escape, but without thinking I moved my hips, and when the biggest dildo finally came out, I collapsed while letting out a small scream.

It had been seven days since the wedding ceremony.

When nobility and royalty got married, it was expected for them to go on a honeymoon to spend a long time together and get to know each other. It was supposed to last approximately seven to ten days, during which they were allowed to take a break, regardless of their status. That was why even His Highness Willacliff, who was the crown prince, could take a break, most of which he spent it in the room that I stayed in.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t sure if it was because His Highness would carry me from the bed to the chair, from the chair to the sofa, and so forth, but Kilt laughed and said, “As expected from newlyweds.” I felt really embarrassed thinking about it. It was true that I wouldn’t be able to walk by myself during that time, so I was thankful for His Highness’s assistance. 

His Highness will do this every night…

After our wedding night, every night, His Highness would use the dildos on me until midnight. Because of that, my physical strength, which was already lacking, seemed to be drained entirely, and my legs couldn’t help but tremble when I walked.

When His Highness asked me if he could help me take a bath, I politely refused, but it made me a little worried that he might eventually get rid of Kilt and enter the bathhouse himself. Even if I was his companion, it was embarrassing and uncomfortable to have the Crown Prince assist me while taking a bath, and I thought that I would be so worked up that I wouldn’t be able to calm down. 

I pushed His Highness to stop him from joining me while bathing once again. “That’s a shame,” he replied before leaving.  I wasn’t sure if he was serious or was just joking, but he returned to his own room to take a bath. 

Kilt, who witnessed this scene, grinned and told me, “You are much loved.”

“Did you get used to the dildos?”

“Ah, yeah, I think…”

“Even the last one?”


“Is that so~ then how about we prepare for tonight more carefully?”

This kind of subject was embarrassing to talk about, but I managed to answer Kilt’s questions because he never teased me about it and talked about it in a very normal way. Moreover, it was difficult to prepare myself on my own. Since I was still a beginner, Kilt was assisting me, so it was easier for him to know various things about it.

“I checked with my older brother. I think His Highness will be able to reach pretty deep, so I think it’ll be better if we wash inside until you’re at your limit.”

“At my limit…”

“If you were able to do it until the last dildo, then it’ll be alright~”

The words that Kilt said weren’t wrong, but to have the tool be inserted in that position so hurriedly made the feeling of confusion stronger than embarrassment. It tired me out, resulting in a rather uncomfortable bathtime. 

After that, Mary Anne took care of my whole body as usual while I took a sip of tea to calm myself down before His Highness arrived.

Lately, Kilt has been telling me that I should not drink too much or else it would be hard for me after, but I only realized that when the first dildo entered me.

Because that thing would be entering a place like that, it would definitely rub my insides in a lot of places. I couldn’t possibly be obscene in front of His Highness, so I had to avoid drinking too much.

As I was thinking about this, the door opened with a click and His Highness, dressed in his nightwear, entered my room.

“Oh my, you’re calmer than I imagined.”

“…That’s not true.”

“Ah, Your cheeks are a little flushed. You will always be adorable, Runa.”

“Your Highness—”

“Then, we shall go to bed… Tonight, I’ll make all of Runa mine, alright?”

As expected, the words he whispered while hugging me from the side made my whole body tremble. 

After a shamefully lewd sound, I felt His Highness’s fingers slipping out.

His Highness said, “We won’t be using a dildo tonight. I want you to only feel me,” before putting his lubricated fingers inside me and pumping it in and out like he did with the dildos. I was pushed and rubbed in that place, all while feeling a tingling sensation many times. Even though his fingers were thinner than the dildos, just thinking that they were His Highness’s fingers made my insides strangely tense. 

“You don’t have to take it in…yet,” he said, laughing.

Then, after being rubbed with his fingers for a while, he poured a little lubricant, saying, “Now relax,” and I felt something hot enter my body.

“Uu, aa…aa…!!”

“It’s alright, it entered perfectly.”

I felt a strong sense of pressure after being spread out, and my voice leaked out when I felt it thrust.

This feeling was different from the dildo. It was hot, and I could feel an intense throbbing sensation build inside me bit by bit.

“Exhale.” When I heard this, I desperately sucked in breaths through my mouth. I felt like I was drowning; I couldn’t breathe from my nose.

“Fwahh, uu, uh…hh—”

“It’ll be alright…that’s it. Good boy.”

“Uu, ahh…Uh, fwaa, aa…”

“…Mn, fuu, I think–I think I was able to enter quite a bit.”

There was something hot stroking my waist…was this, His Highness’s hand? It continued to stroke my waist before moving to my stomach. He rubbed around my navel and then his hand slowly travelled down from my navel, as if to check something.

“Fufu, it seems like your adorable thing here is also delighted, Runa.”


I suddenly felt something hot in an outrageous place, and unconsciously I thrust my hips forwards. It was a dirty place, and yet His Highness’s hand stroked and held it…!

“Actually, if it was the dildo you could make love to it easily, but I didn’t really like it. I want me to be the one to feel everything about Runa.”

“It seems like I made you cooperate with my selfish desires.” These words were whispered in my ear by His Highness as I was in this confused state. 

Most of my five senses were gathered in the part that His Highness was touching. Every time I was stroked up and down, my lower abdomen trembled, and it made me feel an intense tightening in the place where I felt tremendous oppression.

It felt close to masturbation, though my experience was limited at best—no, everytime his hands moved, I felt a stronger sensation than masturbation. Because of that, I tightly clamped down on the thing inside me that was thicker and hotter than the dildos. Even though I was struggling because of that, His Highness wouldn’t stop stroking, and this intense tightening grew even stronger. 

“N.n…, aah, n…!, no, aau!, mph…!, sto..p!”

“You’ll be alright, don’t be scared. …the insides are starting to swell. Just let it happen… Yes, that’s a good boy.”

“N,aah…!! Hand, let go, st, sto, stop…,a, ahh…!!”

“It’s not scary…, yes, see, let’s give love to the other one too. It’s sensitive here, so it should feel really nice.”

“No ahh…! I, I don–, let go, there, no aaah…”

“It’s alright…see, it’s almost time. Even your testicles are tensing up…, fuu, your insides are also looking amazing.” 

“Ss, stop , don’t touch, it…!ha, hiaa!, no, don’t rub, n, no, oo…!”

“…It’s alright, you can come.”

Hearing “You can come,” being whispered in my ears made my body shiver surprisingly, and suddenly, there was an incredibly intense flickering in my eyes and my hips trembled.

I could hear my heart pumping in my ears, and my hips started to shake. That dirty place was held in His Highness’s hand, and I thought I heard a faint squishing sound.


At the end, my hips buckled, making my thighs quiver, and my knees slumped down. At the moment, the pressure that had built in the pit of my stomach released and I felt a thrilling sensation that made me scream out.

Both of my hands lost their strength, and I weakly collapsed onto the bed.

“…Runa’s body fluid is so sweet.”


I felt like I heard His Highness’s voice indistinctly in my head.

I tried to reply to him, but I was light-headed. I couldn’t move even one finger, let alone my body.

“Then, let’s continue.”

I heard His Highness’s voice near my ear once again, and at the same time, something soft and warm touched my earlobe. When I wondered whether it was His Highness’s lips, I felt something hot stroke beneath my waist.

Aah, that’s definitely His Highness’s hand, I vaguely thought, and when I could finally open my eyes suddenly—


I felt a strong sense of pressure in me once again, and I let out an inarticulate cry. A thick, hot and hard object spread my insides once more, making squelching and smacking  noises.

“Uh, aa…!!”

“…fuu, it seems like it will go in much deeper than earlier.”

“Fu, uhh…, fu, fuuh…”

“Runa you’re so good at remembering things, even for things like this… Aah, don’t cry. I’m not trying to tease you.”

His Highness stroked my head, and I shifted my face slightly off the pillow. Then, he gently stroked my eyes, and his gentle touch made my body relax. 

“I want to quickly make Runa my own. I feel so happy that I can finally have you in my embrace that I can’t seem to suppress my excitement. Runa, my dear Runa…”

His Highness’s voice seemed to be elated, but somehow it also sounded like he was crying.

I wondered why… 

I wanted to make sure, but I couldn’t see His Highness’s face while I was lying down. The weight of His Highness was on my lower body, and he was inside me, making it hard for me to look at him.

“Then, let’s make every inch of you mine.”


The feeling of pressure deepened. Jolting several times, rubbing it in and out, opening the deepest part, and the feeling of pressure went deeper and deeper.

It felt ridiculously painful, but for some reasons I felt the same trembling in my lower back, making me feel scared. My eyelids started to tremble, and without realizing it my voice started leaking out again.

“Hii, a, aau, u, fu, uhh…!”

“Yes, just stay like that… Ahh, your insides feel very nice, Runa…” 

“Uuh, aa…!!”

“Runa, my Runa…, finally. How long it was…but with this, Runa is mine. From today onwards, you are mine.”

“Fwa, aa…! No more, no aa…!!”

“I won’t hand you to anyone, I won’t let anyone touch you but me. Runa—Ernis, Ernis who is mine and only mine…”

“A, aah——!”

As that feeling of pressure tightened even more, I was struck by a sensation I had never felt before. It felt like a large amount of lubricant was being poured into me, and it felt like it was being rubbed against my insides.

As I felt that hot thing continuously spreading me as it pushed deeper, my vision flickered as my consciousness began to fade.

Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life After a Broken Engagement 10 NSFW

Life after a Broken Engagement

Translator: Z

Editor: Xia

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Chapter 10 (NSFW)

“I’m really sorry, I never imagined that my eldest sister, who had just arrived, would be so lively.”

“No, I’m fine. Besides, I was able to hear a lot about my mother.”

“Thank you, Runa. Jeez, I thought that the groom would be the one to carry the bride on the day of the wedding. And I was so excited about it too.”

His Highness Willacliff’s words made my heart skip a beat.

That was right. Tonight would be our first night as a married couple. On the sofa where I usually read a book before I slept sat not only me, but His Highness as well, both of us having just finished bathing and donning our night wear. I would be sharing my bed, which I usually slept alone in, with His Highness tonight.

That meant it would naturally lead to that, if I wasn’t mistaken. I had been prepared in advance, but when I thought about doing it, I felt like an adventurer stepping foot into unknown territory.

Before I got engaged with His Highness Willacliff, I was already taking the education for the crown consort, but I found out that sex education wasn’t included in my lessons only after I became the crown consort.

It was only natural to be given that kind of education; even I knew that. Nevertheless, I didn’t hear anything from Professor Reedbell, let alone from Mary Anne.

It wasn’t like I wanted to know about it. It’s just that it made me nervous just thinking about what would happen if His Highness felt irked or discontented. It made me nervous that I had to do something that I hadn’t learned, prior to the actual day that I needed to do it. I wanted to avoid it as much as possible.

That was why I relied on Kilt on that matter. Kilt seemed like the type to be alright answering questions about these types of things, and as the crown consort, the only person who I could think of who I’d able to have this conversation with was him. As such, it was best to consult with Kilt, who’s husband was a guard, but when I first moved to the palace, I didn’t know that Kilt was married to someone of the same sex. I remembered him being quite troubled when I asked.

And even if I wanted to know about it for myself, it felt really embarrassing to be the one to ask. It took quite a while to work up the courage to ask. Because of that, it was only at the last minute that I was finally able to ask about it, seven days before the wedding.

“Ahh, that’s because His Highness ordered for you to not have any sexual education.” 


“That’s like hands on training. His Highness would never forgive anyone who touched Sir Ernis’ s skin.”

“Because of that, I’m the only one helping out during your bathing, but from now on, I will continue to take good care of you!” Kilt said as he tapped his chest.

Was that it? So the lessons for the marital act were like that. I didn’t know what I needed to do, but if it was related to being touched and showing my skin, then I wasn’t confident that I would be able to do it.

“In any case, it’s always better for the receiver to prepare beforehand.”

“Prepare beforehand?”

“Oh, I get it. It seems like you haven’t been informed about that. What should we do about this?”

Kilt looked unusually troubled. Perhaps there was a very important preparation that needed to be done. That meant that I, who didn’t know that level of information, might not turn out to be a good partner for His Highness.

Ah, this wasn’t good. Just thinking about various things was making me feel more anxious. 

“I’ll inform His Highness about this, alright? Yes, it’s alright, this type of subject is very delicate, so I’ll explain it the best that I can.”

Kilt, who laughed wholeheartedly, seemed to have successfully persuaded His Highness, as the next evening, before he drew the bath he brought an important tool that was unfamiliar to me.

“…This is?”

“To put it simply, it is a tool that can clean your insides.”

“My insides?”

“…Maybe you weren’t informed about that either?”


“Ahh! No, I think that it’s only natural for Sir Ernis not to know! Hmm, yes, it’s alright, I will teach you about that as well.”

After that, the subject that I learned from Kilt was an unfamiliar action that was completely  outside of my expectations. It was hard to imagine even when described. In the first place, seeing how little I knew about even the things that men and women do, there was no way that I would know how it happened between men.

Nevertheless, it was better to learn in advance than to not know anything at all. That was what I thought, at least, but I was told that His Highness himself would be the one to teach me about it in more detail, so eventually Kilt just instructed me on the things that I needed to do for the advance preparation.

There was a big difference between listening and actually doing it, and the day I tried to prepare for the first time, I wasn’t able to finish completely.

Surely, that kind of thing being plugged in, and something thicker than water being put in a place like that…I couldn’t do it. A mixture of fear and embarrassment made my body tremble at just the thought of it.

Nevertheless, if I was told that I wouldn’t be able to proceed to the next step if I didn’t finish then, all I could do was prepare myself.

I really thought that Kilt was able to patiently teach me what I needed to know, even if I was about to cry from embarrassment. When I managed to take a certain amount of the cleaning, I was told, “This is usually something maids are supposed to do.” Hearing that made me feel overwhelmed.

For a woman to be the one that was supposed to help me out with this…I wouldn’t be able to endure such a thing in my lifetime. I’m so glad to have Kilt with me, was what I thought during that time.

“Runa, that face you’re making, does that mean that you’re nervous?”

His Highness’s voice brought me back to reality. Oh no, I just remembered that the advance preparations were about to begin. It would be tonight while bathing; I could tell from how everything was carefully prepared more than usual.

“…Your Highness.”

“Ah, I didn’t say it to tease you. Runa is just so adorable that I just can’t help it.”

His Highness touched my cheek, but it felt a little hotter than usual. I glanced at him thinking that maybe he too felt nervous, but what greeted me was…his strongly glowing green eyes that I had never seen so bright before.

“It is finally that day. Dear Runa, let us have a wonderful honeymoon tonight.”

His Highness’s voice felt a little warmer than usual, and my body that felt it started to tremble a little.

Even though I asked Kilt about it beforehand, as I thought, there was a huge difference from actually experiencing it. In the first place, even though I was His Highness’ partner, I still felt a great sense of resistance being seen down there.

And it wasn’t only being seen. Who would’ve thought that I would be touched by His Highness’s fingers…

On top of that, his fingers gently stroked and rubbed me. Moreover, when I realized that his fingers started entering inside, all I could do was bury my face in the pillow and endure the embarrassment I felt.

After all of that, I honestly didn’t know what was going on. After the first finger, it already seemed like I had reached the limit of my embarrassment. I was shown a dildo, but my head was already feeling a bit fuzzy, making it hard to understand what was going on.

“Runa, don’t be scared. I won’t harm you.”

“Fu…mph, …nh,uhh…”

“That’s it, relax…Good boy, the second dildo was able to enter smoothly.”

While he spoke to me, that hard thing was entering and exiting. I  bit my lip as I felt it rubbing inside me.

There were six types of dildos that were shown to His Highness, some as thick as a finger and some so thick that they were scary. They were put in order from the thinnest first so that I could get used to it. I’m sure this was what Kilt was telling me.

…It’s true that I can’t have just anyone do this, absolutely impossible….

Because my partner was His Highness, it was barely bearable, but that didn’t make it any less mortifying. My fingers still clenching the sheets, I desperately clamped my lips together to not let out any weird voices.

In the first place, this position was already shameful,  lying down and sticking out your hips. What’s more, showing His Highness something like this while spreading my legs wide…if His Highness didn’t tell me that this would be the most comfortable position, then there was no doubt that I might’ve ran away from embarrassment.

…No, this was much better than lying on your back where your face would be seen.

“Then, I’ll move it a little.”


A substance that felt a little cold flowed down between my buttocks, making my voice leak out unintentionally.

The slimy liquid that was used during the preparation was different from the one being used now, which had a sweet scent to it. I was told that this substance would help with any pain I felt.

It did seem like the friction was reduced, but I couldn’t help but hear the wet noises it produced every time the dildo moved.

“Uuh…, fuuh…, fuu…hh—”

“Yes, just like that…ah, it looks like it’s getting softer.”

“Mph, uhh…”

“Let’s try putting it a little deeper.”


As I heard more squishing noises, the feeling of pressure inside me increased. Without thinking, I tensed up, but His Highness gently stroked me on the hips, and with his help I was able to slowly relax. His Highness also taught me that at first it was always better to relax and avoid tensing up.

“…Alright, let’s stop here for tonight. It would be hard to get used to it so suddenly.”

Ahh…I could tell that the object was slowly being pulled out. I could feel it as it slowly rubbed my insides, as if it were encouraging me to excrete…


Finally, when the dildo came out, it made another squelching sound, and a chilling, mysterious sensation numbed my spine.

“It’s alright, it’s a little red there but there’s no wound.” 


His fingers stroked such an outrageous place inside of me once again, and without realizing it, I let out my voice. It came out louder than I expected, and I hurriedly pressed my mouth against my pillow.

“Fufu, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Rather, it’s a lovely voice, so I’d like to hear more.”

What was he saying while stroking me there…!

I didn’t want to let out such a shameful voice, so to tell him the feeling of not wanting to be touched in such a place anymore, I shook my head many times and buried my face in the pillow.

“This is just the beginning. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.”

When I heard His Highness’s happy yet wicked voice, I was too distracted to respond and just let it slide.

Apologies for the delay on this chapter. Unfortuantely, some irl stuff got in the way. Anyway, more to come.

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Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life After a Broken Engagement 9

Life after a Broken Engagement


Editor: Xia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

NOTE: Hey, this is Geli. I’m the one who’s been posting for this translation. Sooo I kinda fucked up with the last chapter and posted the wrong version. It was noticed a couple hours after the fact, so it was awhile before it was updated to the correct version. I’m so sorry orz

But anyway, if you read it within like 6 hrs after posting, you might wanna check it out again. The flow of the story is still the same, but it reads a lot better than the first version that was posted. Sorry again, and thanks to Xia for noticing and correcting me. Thx, k, bye.

Chapter 5

The wedding ceremony was filled with tension.

Dressed in a formal outfit that I was not used to and exposed to many unfamiliar eyes, I was keenly aware of the position I was in. It scared me. I was filled with tension, and it felt like the ground I was standing on was trembling. 

At this important ceremony to announce the succession of the next king, I was so nervous I could not feel my feet. With His Highness’s help, though, I managed to survive past it. I could not remember what I did when I greeted His Majesty, the King.

The last thing I was waiting for was my own announcement and the party that followed. For me, this was the most difficult task. Till now, I hadn’t appeared in any social events. Even after learning the proper etiquette, it was not something I was confident of portraying.

Professor Reedbell gave his metaphorical seal of approval, and my father, who I finally met after a long while, told me, “You look just like your mother, a beautiful flower of high society.” Even so, I was still so worried whether I would behave appropriately.

“You seem nervous.” 

“Your Highness…”

“Ah, don’t cry. Your makeup will come off.” His Highness Willacliff’s fingers gently wiped the damp corners of my eyes.

Yes, I was wearing makeup today.

When I heard it from Mary Anne this morning, I was so surprised, my voice got stuck in my throat. Before today, I had no idea that a man could wear makeup until Kilt informed me, saying, “There are quite a few male aristocrats who wear makeup.”

If he hadn’t told me, I would have definitely stopped Mary Anne while she was applying makeup to my face.

Mary Anne followed up as she promised, “Makeup is just a little conditioning for the skin.” Nevertheless, I was relieved that she had only applied a thin layer of white powder to my face.

“You look especially beautiful today, Runa. Be confident.”

“His Highness, don’t make such a joke at this time…”

“No, my words were never a joke.” Having said that, the gently smiling Prince Willacliff grasped my gloved hands.

“Un, I’m glad I chose the gloves to have the same fabric as our wedding raiments. The chest and cuffs have a nice colour and the shoes are just about right. The bluish luster was the right choice.”

His gentle green eyes looked me up and down, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. My chest throbbed.

Among the twelve outfits available, this particular one was selected. It was a particular white suit that shone in a gentle blue sheen when the light hit it just right accented with a fabric embroidered with silver-blue thread. The shoes were made from an exotic leather that also looked faintly blue.

Until yesterday, there were many outfit changes and many adjustments made here and there, all with His Highness’s approval. Truly, I had only respect for the hours and effort spent on the wedding attire. 

Because of those efforts, even though I was so nervous, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, and there was no pain in my legs even after all that standing. 

His Highness Willacliff prepared everything for me. He was really kind, I thought, flustered.

The Highness standing in front of my eyes was wearing a formal suit dyed in the deep green and gentle white worn by the royal family at important ceremonies. The golden embroidery along the chest and hem elevated its elegance and beauty. He had a ceremonial sword slung on his waist, an accessory worn by royal men who had fought for the country and its people. The proof of its ceremonial purpose was the fact that the blade was dull, though it had a scabbard that was pure white, inlaid with gold, with beautifully shining jewels scattered along its length.

A large crimson jewel, which was also the symbol of the crown prince, adorned the Prince’s chest, and a deep blue gem was intimidatingly displayed on mine as the counterpart to his. 

Your Highness is indeed very beautiful…

Until now, I had never thought about the beauty or ugliness of men. However, the Highness standing in front of me was unquestionably strong and full of masculine beauty.

The more I thought about it, the faster my heart pounded. These days, whenever my gaze unconsciously turned towards His Highness, he would notice and simply smile back as soon as he caught my gaze. See, even now His Highness was laughing towards these feelings of mine.

“If you keep looking at me with such a heated gaze, I’ll have to skip the wedding reception that comes after.”

“I don’t think that would be good.”

“Fufu, Runa’s a serious and proper child. Well, I’m glad that your tears have stopped. It’ll be fine, you’re perfect as my companion.”

“I’ve never been to social parties. Though I’ve learned, I haven’t put the etiquette lessons into practice yet…”

The moment the thought crossed my mind, I became anxious again.

In the first place, I was not adept at being in the spotlight, and I was not the best at interacting with people. 

This announcement was a grand event—countless aristocrats and royalty from across the country and from abroad had gathered here. Facing my first big social gathering, my legs trembled. 

“You’ll be fine. Everyone will forget me in the presence of your beauty. Right. If you’re still worried… Runa, what are you reading now?”

“Eh? As in a book?”

“Yes, what kind of book are you reading now?”

“Well, it’s about the story of mysterious creatures in the northern country, but–”

“Hmm, then what about this? If you’re nervous and stuck, imagine you’re inside the story. If someone talks to you, imagine you’re in front of the characters in the story. Imagine, then smile.”

“Smile, you say?”

I was not proud of my awkward smiling face. I didn’t know if I could smile as gently as His Highness.

Earlier, Kilt mentioned it to me, saying, “Even if you don’t force yourself to laugh, it’s enough to simply raise the edge of your lips a little.”

“You don’t have to give a forced laugh. Well, imagine that the person in front of you is a mysterious creature that appears in the story. If you smile the same way you do when you talk about a book, it should be effective enough.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes, I guarantee it. Or is it that you don’t believe in my words?”

“There is absolutely no such thing!” I trusted His Highness’s words as much as my father’s. To His Highness who always placed me inside his thoughts, I would never lie.”

“Then there’s no need to worry. Let’s go.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

His Highness’ hand extended towards me, offering a tender invitation to hold it. It created an illusion that I was a princess. It left me with a mysterious mixture of embarrassment and joy.

The reception began with the words of His Majesty the King before being passed to His Highness Willacliff. I simply stood by his side and bowed when prompted.

After that, it became a party where rank was placed aside, and aristocrats whose family name I had not remembered were smiling and talking to me.

At first, I was by His Highness’s side, but in a blink of an eye, His Highness was surrounded by royalty and aristocrats from other countries. I lost my place. 

Now it was my turn to receive greetings from the other nobles.

Initially, I desperately tried to match their family names to their faces, but it became more and more difficult as the numbers increased. In the end, as long as the correct respects were paid, and His Highness was not disgraced, it was enough.

I tried not to look tired or uncomfortable, but I could sense that I was anxious and my cheeks were a little tight. 

Don’t think about that, I’ve become His Highness Willacliff’s companion, so don’t do anything that would cause shame for His Highness…

Although I tried to prevent my face from looking exhausted and strained, my heart was still tense and anxious. Realising that, as His Highness Willacliff’s companion, I should not do anything that would cause shame for His Highness…those thoughts spun around in my mind.

If someone talks to you, imagine you’re in front of the characters in the story. Imagine, then smile.

I suddenly recalled His Highness’s words. Yes, His Highness told me that I should be okay with this.

With how much His Highness understood and cared for me…just thinking about that made my heart fluffy and warm.

Alright. I’ll listen to His Highness’s words.

I saw a man who was enthusiastically talking to me earlier.

His pale blonde hair was styled back, and his rimless glasses reminded me of a studious pupil rather than the harsh impression of Professor Reedbell. He must have been young, but I couldn’t be sure of his actual age… nevertheless, he looked full of wisdom, like an owl messenger spirit of the gods.

That spirit was always serious and trying hard, such that even outsiders would be hard-pressed to bother him when he was like this.

When I remembered the characters in the story, with the man in front of me looking like an owl, it turned out a little fun.

The person next to him had squeezed into his formal outfit. The bear and wolf cubs, the guardians of the forest, might have looked like this. When I thought about it, I smiled.

The person at the back was very hungry…ah, like a gluttonous kitchen spirit. 

That person over there, the other beside…as I wondered which characters they looked like, I realized that the noisy surroundings became quiet.

Looking closely, everyone else was opening their mouths and looking with their eyes, but no one was willing to talk to me.

Oh no. I must have done something wrong.

Blood drained from my face. No matter how much I likened the people to the characters in the story like His Highness advised, I must have shown an incredibly awkward smile.

Either that or I had forgotten to smile as I enthusiastically indulged in my fairy tales as if I were reading a book. I was unable to tell what face I’d shown to my audience, but this must have been a case of putting the cart before the horse.

What a blunder on the first day…

What should I do? I had only caused more trouble to His Highness. What should I do to make amends… The more I thought about it, the more bewildered I felt.

Just when I felt that my feet were shaking, I heard a familiar voice saying, “Crown Consort, you seem a little tired.”

The voice sounded a little similar to His Highness Willacliff, but it was a little lower and had a velvety timbre. Hearing a voice so similar to my favorite one made me feel so much more relieved.

“I understand that you want to greet the crown consort for the first time, but I don’t think it’s necessary to hurry. If you make the crown consort tired, you might earn a scowl  from my brother. After all, he’s my brother’s cherished consort.”

His Highness Hartward’s voice interrupted the scene. The aristocrats, who seemed to have been jolted by his words, greeted His Highness Hartward and I before leaving one by one in a hurry.

As I wondered what happened for them to leave so quickly as I looked at their backs, I heard a voice saying, “It seems you-” and hurriedly turned to face His Highness Hartward.

“Thank you very much.”

“No, I just felt uncomfortable with so many people treating you like a spectacle. Well, it was worse when it was my consort.”

I heard from His Highness Willacliff that the wedding ceremony between His Highness Hartward and Lady Beata was held in secret, partly because Lady Beata was pregnant. I didn’t attend because I thought that was for the best.

Still, it was the wedding ceremony of the second prince. The major aristocrats and royalty in the country must have attended. I could not imagine what happened there.

“I think it was unusual for someone like me to be the consort of the crown prince.”

“At the start, it might have been that case. However, recently they have seen much change and improvement, likely making them want to approach you.”

“Approach me?”

“The people who saw the couple before the wedding ceremony were all excited and talking about it. With such talks, being curious and waiting for the consort’s announcement, all the men gathered closely to the consort whose beauty surpassed rumors, drawn together like a magnet. That’s why. “


I couldn’t understand what His Highness Hartward was saying. I shook my head a little. I noticed His Highness’ eyes widened as he looked at me.

It was the first time I’d seen His Highness Hartward’s eyes properly… Looking at it in this way, they looked a lot like His Highness Willacliff’s. However, His Highness Willacliff’s eyes had a slightly lighter and gentler atmosphere, with a fresh green color like young leaves.

Whenever those eyes turned my way, my head turned into a daze, and even though I knew it was disrespectful, I just stared back.

… Oh, I’ve done it again

Even though one should never stare with a disrespectful gaze at the royal family, I did it to His Highness Hartward. His Highness Willacliff would laugh and forgive my disrespect. However, even though he was my former fiancé, His Highness Hartward must have been uncomfortable.

I hurriedly looked away, thanked him, and tried to leave.

“It seems you have changed.”


His words stopped me.

“The atmosphere around you is different now. That’s why you feel different.”

“How so?”

“I’ve always thought you were beautiful, but now it’s like a beauty with more warmth …”

“Your Highness?”

His Highness Hartward stared at me. The sight of his green eyes that I had never seen, even when I was a fiancé, caused my skin to break into goosebumps.

“Is there something wrong?” I called out with an indescribable feeling.

His Highness didn’t respond. Instead, his hand stretched out and approached my cheek without hesitation.

“Hart. What are you doing?”

My heart which was beating fast, relaxed when I heard His Highness Willacliff’s voice. My body immediately turned to the voice.

“Runa, I’m sorry that I had to leave you alone. Are you alright?”

“Yes, I was doing exactly what His Highness taught me. His Highness Hartward also helped.”

“Oh, was that so? Hart, thank you for helping my precious fiancé.”

“Ah, no issue…”

His Highness Willacliff took my hand and asked, “Are you tired?” My heart thumped. I was so happy to have him always caring for me. My cheeks were slightly hot.

His Highness, naturally aware of my feelings, chuckled and turned his gaze to His Highness Hartward. “Speaking of which, is Her Highness Beata currently resting?”

“Yes. Due to her current condition, she is absent tonight.”

“I see. That’s good. I was concerned about whether this place was suitable for her or not. It’ll be hard on her as her belly becomes heavier and heavier. Hmm, has Hart finally learned to consider another person’s feelings?”


“No need to be shy. As a person and as royalty, this is important. I’m glad that Hart has grown up, you know?”

Towards His Highness Willacliff, who seemed quite pleased, His Highness Hartward looked a little embarrassed.

“Don’t treat me as a child forever. I’m already an adult.”

“Ah, that’s true. It’s just that despite maturing, my younger brother hasn’t left my mind. Well, you did get married before me. In that sense, you’ve grown up well.”

“Somehow, you sound sarcastic.”

“That’s not the case. I’m relieved that my dearest younger brother had a love match with Lady Beata. I’m really happy.”

His Highness Willacliff smiled and placed his hand lightly on His Highness Hartward’s shoulder and held his face.

“I’m really happy that you grew up to be the younger brother I expected.”

The words uttered by His Highness resembled a father’s words, and I wondered if this was how an older brother might speak if they had such an age gap. 

Perhaps being the one taking care of His Highness Hartward since he was young was the reason why His Highness Willacliff took care of me so well.

I was unsure because I didn’t have a brother, but I thought that if I had a brother like His Highness Willacliff, I would have been happy and proud.

While thinking so, when I looked back at His Imperial Highness Hartward, a little frown between my eyebrows appeared. 

“Runa, can you spend a little time with me?”

“Alright. “

“I’m glad. In fact, my eldest sister is here and she wants to see you.”


“My eldest sister arrived just now, despite her husband, the crown prince, insisting otherwise. Even though her baby was just born last year, she would rather choose meeting you over taking care of her own body. A troublesome elder sister.” 

“Ah, is that the princess who my mother spent time with?”

“Yes, she’s the one. I’m sure she would have liked to talk to your mother. I’m sorry, but can you go and receive my sister?”

I nodded with gusto, replying yes.

I’d always wanted to ask about my mother before she got married, but it was impossible to do so. My father was still traumatised.

In the past, my chest would hurt just from thinking about my mother. However, now my curiosity to know more about her was stronger. 

Learning about my mother’s past, remembering her even a little, could allow me to remember that day… the day in my childhood when His Highness Willacliff requested my hand in marriage.

The more I thought about it, the quicker I wanted to know more about my mother in her youth.

Of course, I didn’t know that His Highness Hartward was looking at me with a complicated expression as I excitedly followed His Highness Willacliff.

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Life After a Broken Engagement 13 NSFW

Life After a Broken Engagement 8

Life after a Broken Engagement


Editor: Xia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 8

That day, I was invited to tea by His Majesty’s third wife. I had heard about her from His Highness Willacliff, who had said, “The third wife is a good person. You don’t have to worry when you meet her.” Though nervous, I headed for the spacious garden in the royal castle that was a little further away with Mary Anne.

Originally, the visit should have occurred in her suite.

Even so, no matter how long it had been since I became Prince Consort, the fact that I was male meant that I was barred from the quarters of His Majesty’s harem.

Hence, we met in the garden, her favourite location. 

“Well! As per the rumors, no, in reality, you’re even more beautiful!”

The excited lady sitting there who was clapping her hands enthusiastically studied my face. “Please, do call me Lira,” she said.

“What happiness it is to have such a beautiful person become the parent of my son!”

Yes. The prince born to Lady Lira would be adopted by His Highness Willacliff, and in turn become my adopted son. The prince, whose full name was Lidonis, was still an infant. It had been decided that he would be raised by Lira until he reached the age of three.

“…Are you sure that it is alright?”

“Are you asking about Lidonis?”

“Yes. Isn’t it lonely for you to have him be adopted by His Highness and be separated from him?”

This was something I’d been worried about since I heard about the adoption from His Highness.

I lost my mother at the age of five, and I had missed my mother very much during that time. Everyone in the mansion, including the servants, the butler Gilberton, and my father, watched over me warmly, but even that couldn’t fill the void she left behind.

If I were a woman, I would possibly be able to give this young prince some motherly warmth, but no matter how I looked at it, I was a man and being a mother was impossible for me.

I felt it would be hard for any mother to not be able to raise her child born from her body.

“As I heard from His Highness, it seems that Sir Ernis is not only beautiful but also kind.”

“No, that sort of thing…I’ve always been told by people that I’m a boring person.”

“Well! That’s the fault of the people around you for not seeing — that Highness Willacliff was enthusiastic and busying himself going back and forth about having a consort. Do be more confident.”

When I was told what His Highness said, I found it hard to deny her words.

“Does Sir Ernis blame yourself for the fact that you are taking away my son from me?”

“…Yes. I didn’t think this would happen when I married His Highness.”

“See. You are kind indeed.”

That wasn’t true. The truly kind person was probably His Highness, or the one listening to me now, Lady Lira.

“This is an embarrassing story, but-” Lady Lira’s voice became a little softer.

“My birth family was very poor. Our family was an old one, but the head was a spendthrift and our house became destitute. Let alone myself, even my mother had to sell her dresses. It was terrible, really.”

“…My house’s situation is similar to yours.”

“Were you not collecting books? My grandfather was just spending on his mistress. He really was a pathetic man.”

“Well…to that…”

“My grandfather passed away eventually, but by then, the rest of us that he had left behind were really in trouble. Hence, I thought I should take the plunge and enter His Majesty’s harem.”

“…And then?”

“Do you think less of me for that?”

“No, never.”

“Truly, I am of the same mind. Aiming for His Majesty’s favor simply for money is  not something aristocratic daughters do.”

Lady Lira was laughing a lot, but honestly, I was at a loss as to how to react.

“That’s why I had a lot of help. But in the end, the person who wound up helping me the most was His Majesty Willacliff. He also talked to his mother, the Queen, and persuaded her to let me in. Thanks to that, I became the third wife, restored my house to glory, and even had a son. My future brightened.”

To speak so openly so far, Lady Lira must have been the only one who bared her true self to me. Even while having a prince, she was not interested in power. Perhaps it was because of this reason that His Highness said, “It’s fine to allow a meeting.”

His Highness, who worried about the me who didn’t even know how to search for an aristocrat’s true motives, was a little aware that he needed to research in advance who I should meet.

“Did you ever think that the third prince, my child, would be the future Crown Prince? Well, it’s better to have His Imperial Highness Willacliff adopt him and become the Crown Prince than to be a no-name prince with only my backing. I think this is best for that child. A prince with a weak mother has no future. “

Ah, that’s right. Lady Lirawas trying to protect the prince in her own way. His Highness Willacliff might have considered the same thing before agreeing to the adoption. 

His Highness and Lira-sama are kind people.

Just as I thought that, Lady Lira surprised me with her high voice. “Also!”

“Beautiful people are really easy on the eyes. His Highness Willacliff is as breathtaking as a prince should be, and Sir Ernis resembles a goddess in your beauty. The appearance of you two lined up together is an incredible sight. It’s captured my soul!”


“As the Queen said, Lidonis is just like His Highness Willacliff was when he was little. That means he will grow up to be a beautiful prince too. Two beautiful princes in a beautiful family of princes. Don’t you think it’s the most wonderful sight? “

“I do think His Highness is a beautiful person, but I don’t think that I myself am…”

“Well, as His Highness said, you do like to underestimate yourself. You shouldn’t do that. In the past, I went to a good number of parties looking for a rich marriage partner, but I’ve never encountered a beauty like yours. It’s such a compelling beauty that even His Highness Willacliff pales before you. 

“Pales…that’s too much of an overstatement…and I think His Highness Hartward is much more beautiful than I am.”

Lady Lira smiled at my words.

“That’s right. As expected of being brothers, they look similar, and they are beautiful, but His Highness Hartward is like a fairytale prince.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Without the character to back it up, beauty like yours, Sir Ernis, while still intoxicating,  makes one no different from a storybook character. That’s why someone like His Highness Hartward strayed from you and decided to let go. However, in the first place, no one could have won against His Highness Willacliff. Sooner or later, the outcome would have been the same.”

“Lady Lira?”

“Sir Ernis is deeply loved by His Royal Highness Willacliff,” Lady Lira said,  chuckling deeply.

I was unsure about her last words, but like His Highness mentioned, I understood that Lady Lira was a good person. Perhaps it was because she thought it would be good to get along well with the person who would take care of the little prince. The heavy feeling that was weighing me down finally disappeared.

“The wedding’s finally tomorrow.”

The soft cloth Kilt was holding created paths of bubbly foam as it moved across my back. Tomorrow was the day of my wedding ceremony. That’s why there were more bubbles than usual as Kilt cleaned my body up with extra care.

Tomorrow, I would marry His Highness Willacliff and officially become Crown Consort.

“Please close your eyes a little. I’m going to use a special hair treatment today.” After the foam on my body was washed off, a thin and soft cloth was laid onto me. Once I tilted my head back and rested it on the soft backrest, water drenched my hair and a floral-smelling liquid dripped down onto my head.

It was just like how a woman would be treated, but seeing as I was preparing to become a consort, this was standard procedure regardless of gender.

“It looks like you’re finally getting used to this kind of bathing.”

“Rather than getting used to it, it feels like I’ve given up…”

“Ahaha, it was indeed difficult to get used to at first.”

While laughing, Kilt gently washed my head and carefully combed my hair to prevent tangles. 

Truthfully, though he was only an apprentice, I imagined he was an apprentice chamberlain who served the royal family. His delicate treatment didn’t match his large physique.

Since my family was considered as one of the lower noble houses, I’d never asked my maid or servant to help me take a bath. Originally, aristocrats would leave the care of their surroundings to their servants, but there was no such custom in my home. It appeared that my mother, who had married in, had brought a maid to assist her with bathing and such.

Ever since I was ten years old, I had been in charge of taking care of myself. Hence, when I moved into the palace, I was amazed that someone was appointed to bathe me. In the beginning, I rejected Kilt so much that when I thought back now, it made me feel rather apologetic about it.

“Even though I didn’t have much experience, to have troubled Kilt so much…”

Although it was Kilt’s job to take care of me, it must have been a lot of trouble regardless.

“No, it’s okay. I’d heard from His Highness Willacliff that you might be confused at first.”

“I’m grateful for you thinking that way but….if this were Mary Anne, I think I would’ve still refuse till now.”

Indeed, having a woman be in charge of my bathing would be too embarrassing to imagine.

“Ah, but I don’t think that would have happened.”

“Why so?”

“It seems that His Highness knew that a female attendant would make you quite embarrassed, milord..”

How was His Highness aware of the things I was ashamed of? Honestly, it felt like His Highness really knew everything about me.

“Well, I was chosen because my brothers were the guards of His Highness and they were well-established. But honestly, this saved me.”


“My family has produced guards for generations, but I’ve never aspired towards that path. Also, I’ve never liked swords. Not to mention,I’ve heard that guards are bound by overly serious rules, which clashes with my personality too.”

Truly, it was rare to see an apprentice royal chamberlain speak in such a fashion

“I’m glad you’re like this, Kilt. You see, I’m a little different from a normal aristocrat.”

“Ah, that’s right. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, don’t you think? It’s really unusual for a beautiful person to have no arrogance at all.”

“Well, to say I’m a beautiful person is a little…”

“Yes, yes. There’s no need to be humble. When I met you, though, I understood why it took so much time to choose a maid or a servant. Miss Mary Anne has been serving His Highness since he was a boy, so she must have given much thought in appointing a servant for you. “

“…I think His Highness knew that I would refuse.”

“That may be true, but you see, if something went wrong, it would be a big incident.”

“If something went wrong?”

“With Sir Ernis being so good looking, any man would go crazy. Well, I’m devoted to my husband, so no matter how beautiful Sir Ernis is, you don’t have to be awkward with me. “


I was taken aback by Kilt’s words. No, I had a lot to say, but I didn’t know what to start with.

“Um, I didn’t realise you were married, Kilt.”

For the time being, I said what surprised me most.

“It was a while before Sir Ernis met the Crown Prince. I had been officially dating my husband for three years. My brothers knew about it, so I guess His Highness learned about it from them. Also, my husband was the guard of His Highness Hartward. So when I received notice that His Highness Willacliff had asked for me, I decided to come.”

“Kilt’s other half is one of His Highness Hartward’s guards?”

“Yes. He’s a childhood friend who’s seven years older than me, and he’s been a guard of His Highness Hartward for a long time. Didn’t you hear that when they went to your mansion?”


I was a little surprised that we had such a close connection.

“I was really worried in the beginning. My husband would have been better as a watchman. He’s on good terms with my brothers and is trusted by His Imperial Highness Willacliff, though.”


“I think it’s surveillance, or something like that. Well, I think that’s why I was asked to be your chamberlain, milord. My body resembles a wall, doesn’t it? Though I didn’t become a knight, I still look like one.”

“Yes, Kilt has done many things well, but–.”

“Alright! You’re completely clean! Please come here. I’ll wipe you down quickly.”

Although I still had questions, Kilt kept me too busy for me to continue my words.

“Ah! If you have any problems with men, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ve been with my husband for quite a while, so I’m familiar with how they do it and so on.”

“Eh? Ah…alright.”

Kilt’s words suddenly made me feel uneasy. Tomorrow was  the day I would officially become Crown Consort. Such acts would be commonplace from then onwards.

In the end, I was worried whether it would be really okay without bedroom lessons first. It would be useful if there were at least a guidebook to read for such things, but I couldn’t ask anyone nor would I be able to read it.

It left me uneasy that I was to challenge such important matters without gaining any knowledge in advance.

“Don’t worry. There is no need to be so nervous. His Highness takes great care of Sir Ernis. I can assure you that you won’t be doing anything unreasonable. Well, to be fair, you should get used to it with a dildo first, but His Highness won’t allow it. “


“Aha. It’s really okay! It’s not a must to prepare in advance.”

“That’s true, but…”

“Don’t worry. His Highness thinks of Sir Ernis more than anyone else. He’s been overseeing and ordering people here and there. He’ll do anything for you, milord. That’s why Her Highness Beata stuck closely to His Highness Hartward. “


“Your hair is fully dried now! Mary Anne will finish caring for you. Let’s head to the bedroom!”

“Kilt, what did you mean by that?”

“Now, please get your night clothes on as soon as possible! It would be terrible if you got a chill!”

Prompted by Kilt, whose quick movements belied his large frame, I donned the nightwear and entered the bedroom. Mary Anne was waiting there to care for my skin and hair. In the end, I couldn’t get Kilt to elaborate further.

Following Kilt’s actions, Mary Anne was even more careful with me on every part of my body.

Before, I had resisted such maintenance. However, ever since His Highness praised the faint scent from my body, calling it “a good aroma”, I would stay still quietly.

“Mary Anne, thank you for always doing this.”

“Is anything the matter?”

“I heard from Kilt. It seems that it’s been tough on you to serve me…”

Mary Anne was the one who brought together the maids and servants who would take care of me. She must have had a hard time, being so involved in selecting them.

“I heard it took quite a while to choose my servants.”

“That boy said something extra, didn’t he?”

At the sound of Mary Anne’s surprised voice, I quickly added, “I’ve heard from a few others.”

“I have been serving His Royal Highness Willacliff for a long time, so I am very pleased to be able to serve Sir Ernis, who will become his crown consort.”

“But I’m a man.”

“Sir Ernis is the one His Highness has been thinking about for many years. Don’t worry about your gender and please be more confident in yourself.”

“How long have you known?”

His Highness had said that no adults knew that when he was young, he had already proposed marriage.

“I haven’t heard it directly from His Highness still, but I have known for a long time Since the first time he met you, Sir Ernis, His Highness has been smitten with you.”

“Is that so…”

“I heard that he couldn’t meet Sir Ernis and soon after that, I heard you had been in a serious accident. His Highness was so worried that he fell ill. Him being able to marry you without any incidents is a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders.”

Mary Anne, who had been serving His Highness since she was born, must have  only felt relief from the bottom of her heart. I wondered if she treated His Highness like her own child. She must have really wanted to welcome the consort as early as possible.

“I don’t think I will be able to be of any use.”

“You’re doing your best, Sir Ernis. His Highness has complimented you quite a bit and Professor Reedbell was impressed with you.”

Mary Anne’s words made my face a little hot. If my mother were alive, would she have spoken these words to me?

“His Highness Willacliff has strived to be a good crown prince. I think that his efforts have paid off and that he has become a magnificent crown prince loved by the people. You were chosen by such a man, so please be more confident.”

“That’s precisely why I think it was a waste to choose me…”

At that point, Mary Anne, who was trimming my nails, paused.

“It must be because of Sir Ernis that His Highness made such a herculean effort and was so attentive to his duties.”

“Because of me?”

“Please, spend many years living with His Highness. That is the best thing for Sir Ernis and, by extension, for this country.”

I tried to ask about the meaning of her words, but Mary Anne’s petite palm came to lay on my cheek. I was accustomed to this manner of grooming my face by now, so I reluctantly closed my eyes and exhaled.

In this manner, my whole body was meticulously groomed. As soon as I went to bed, a drowsiness came rapidly over me, and I fell asleep in a blink of an eye.

It was after I woke up the next morning that I learned that the reason I sank into sleep so quickly was because His Highness, who was worried that I would not be able to fall asleep before the wedding, had entrusted Mary Anne with a medicine for a good night’s sleep.

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