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Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

Editor: Jennicide

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Corporate Slave Light Novel Extra Pt. 11

Norbert Baranek was summoned along with his superior of the accounting department right after lunch break had ended, right before they would normally have returned to their office to resume work.

“This has to do with the Saint’s summoning from another world, huh?” he muttered to himself, following along behind his superior.

They gathered in a room filled with high council members. The naturally meek Mr. Helmuth was white as a sheet; he could not stop shaking under their scrutiny. Norbert stood next to him, calmly thinking about what he had just learned.

When the higher-ups were about to call out his nonchalant attitude before the King, his majesty stopped them with a mere glare and continued to explain.

“That is correct. Have you heard about how the miasma in our kingdom has been purified by Saints for generations? For this current outbreak, the Saint happens to be someone from another world,” one of the higher officials explained as though Norbert were a simpleton.

While it was true that Norbert was merely a clueless eighteen-year-old and had a hard time grasping the full extent of the kingdom’s history that had taken place hundreds of years ago, he had at least heard about this before.

It was compulsory that he study about the history of the kingdom back during his academy days, but anything he had learned about it then was barely retained in his memory now. Besides, the so-called “Forest of Magic”, which was filled with dangerous miasma, was so far away that Norbert had never even seen it before with his own eyes. All these things about summoning an otherworlder to help save their kingdom seemed like something out of a fairy tale to him although all of this was being explained by none other than the most important people in the palace. As they talked, they appeared to be very serious about the subject too, so it was a blessing that Norbert did not end up laughing at their enthusiasm as they continued to talk at length about it.

Then, the king resumed speaking.”After we succeeded in performing the summoning ritual, we have safely brought the Saint to our world. However, a man from the same world as the Saint has ended up here as well. In order to make things right, we have agreed to fulfill his request. He wishes to work in the Royal Accounting Department, where the two of you are assigned.”

“What?” Norbert asked in confusion. “Are you serious?”

Just when Norbert thought summoning someone from another world was unbelievable enough, this stowaway otherworlder’s request for work was even more baffling to him. If there existed an infinite amount of other fun things you could ask for, and the kingdom was completely willing to fulfill any demand you made… Why in the world would they have requested to work of all things? Hmph. If I were that person, work would definitely be the last thing I would ask for~

Nevertheless, Norbert was tasked by the King to monitor this otherworlder’s behavior from time to time. To do so, he would also have to prepare a detailed written report about this man based on his observations. 

Honestly, that was going to be the most troublesome of all troublesome things for Norbert, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had no choice but to comply; refusing to would have landed him in another kind of trouble instead. 

Without wasting any time, Norbert immediately set out to meet the otherworlder. If he had heard correctly, this man had a very long name, so he decided to simply refer to him as Mr. Sei. His living accommodations would be in the room prepared for him in the dormitory. Norbert arrived at his door bringing along work clothes and other basic necessities provided to civil servants by the royal palace. 

When someone opened the door, Norbert saw a man who was clearly older than him. Other than that, the man had styled black hair and tired-looking eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses.

Norbert had thought this man would be despairing over his fate, but he seemed to have gotten used to this world pretty quickly. He started living normally and doing his work as if he was no different from anyone else.

Though, Norbert could not say that he was surprised by this. After all, Mr. Sei was a very strange person.

Asking for work was not the only weird thing he had done. He regularly showed up at his new workplace early in the morning, before anyone else had arrived yet. He also worked harder than everyone else ever had, even as far as cleaning the office on his own. Nobody had told him to do any of this, nor was it an expectation that anyone ever had for a civil servant working in the accounting department. 

Mr. Sei should not even have had to work when the kingdom was willing to provide for his livelihood in this world. Yet, he still wished to work by his own accord… What a strange person indeed. 

Not to mention, Mr. Sei had even left the dormitory early to arrive at the royal palace on his first day of work without waiting for Norbert… He had found the man talking with the most fearsome commander of the Third Knight Order, Sir Aresh Indrak! Just how many shocking things was this man capable of doing in a single day??? 

Thus, these events marked the beginning of Norbert’s special report!

[Report No. 1 

I met Mr. Sei for the first time at the civil servant’s dormitory. The next day, Mr. Sei left for work without me. As I rushed there, I saw him talking with Captain Indrak of the Third Knight Order. 

Mr. Sei was able to casually talk to Captain Indrak without fear, but maybe it was because he had no idea who the latter was. Though, the commander is still a scary person by appearance alone… If it was me, I would not even be able to utter a single word in his presence!]

Just as Norbert was about to submit his report at the end of the day, he was advised to describe more of Mr. Sei’s activities in greater detail. Details, huh…? He thought to himself. So they want to know how strange Mr. Sei can be each day…? He pondered this and other things as he continued to write his report.

[Report No. 2 

Today was a day off, so I went shopping with Mr. Sei in town.

When I thought of showing him around in the town’s market first, Mr. Sei insisted that should be done last. He didn’t want to buy food items immediately because he wanted them to be as fresh as possible once he got back to the dormitory.

We had only been in the town for a little while, but Mr. Sei had already disappeared from my sight in the blink of an eye. Of course, I panicked; I had to search for him everywhere like a mother who lost her child. Despite Mr. Sei’s seemingly polite demeanor, he doesn’t seem like someone who will obediently listen to what others tell him to do.

After I found him, thankfully safe, we resumed looking around. Along the way, Mr. Sei bought only things that he found necessary— a magic pen, some paper, a pot for cooking, a frying pan, bottled water, and some smaller food items. It would appear that he is capable of cooking for himself. Why he would even want to do that though, I don’t understand.]

For the second report, Norbert was scolded again. He was told that he did not have to make it that detailed, going as far as to include his own personal impressions of the other man. In fact, Norbert was not even allowed to establish a close relationship with him in the first place.

Norbert sighed. Since Mr. Sei was a rather quiet person to begin with, Norbert would not even know if the man suddenly decided to leave his side; Mr. Sei definitely would not tell him beforehand either. How could he watch this person closely if he was not permitted to get close to them? Besides, Norbert was curious to learn more about Mr. Sei’s former world too. It seemed to be an interesting place to live, although at the same time, it was not without its own scary parts as well.

[Report No. 3

I gave Mr. Sei a supplement yesterday. He was overjoyed after using it.

He wanted more, so I had to take him to the pharmacy which sold it on the following day. The pharmacy is called Metron and is situated in a secluded part of town. We also happened to meet Captain Indrak and Vice-captain Rowder there by coincidence.]

As Norbert presented his latest report, he was told by the person in charge to write a few more comments regarding Mr. Sei in the future… Hm? Norbert thought that was what he had been doing in my previous reports. Plus, they had scolded him for that. Ah, well… Norbert thought. Not that I mind anyway. I had no problems doing that before, so if they did approve it this time, then that’ll be good enough.

[Report No. 5 2 

Mr. Sei’s dedication to work did not end up going unrewarded. He was recently appointed the vice director of the accounting department! Moreover, the role was bestowed to him directly by the prime minister himself right before our eyes. I managed to witness it as I happened to be nearby, and I felt very happy for him. I even got the honor to help Mr. Sei put on his newly earned cape for the first time. Although he is now my superior, he still allows me to address him with the same nickname I gave him when we first met. You would think there would be a distance between us after this, but… I feel that we’ve only grown closer to each other since then. Thinking about this makes me really happy.] 

Things truly did not change much after Mr. Sei’s promotion until one day when he showed up late for work. That was unusual.

We are no strangers to the fact that Mr. Sei always comes to the royal palace earlier than anyone else. He was so late that we even started to wonder if he was taking a day off today until he appeared at the front door of the accounting department breathing heavily. Mr. Sei still looked tired, as usual, but I did notice his hair was disheveled today. Bed head, I guess. Maybe he just woke up late, so he rushed to the royal palace without bothering to fix his hair first?

I also saw him limping in pain when he entered the office. I wondered if he was hurt somewhere? It must have been around the area of his lower half. Shortly after, he asked me how to make up for causing trouble to a superior and the price for service involving magic. Although Mr. Sei did not want to tell me what happened, I knew that he must have been in deep trouble. My suspicions were confirmed when Captain Indrak came to see me in the dining hall during lunch break.

From what I heard, Mr. Sei was taken by Captain Indrak to the health department in order to receive a medical examination after that. Once it finished, they ate lunch together in the dining hall. At that point, there was no doubt—the one that Mr. Sei caused trouble for was Captain Indrak, of all people! What is wrong, Mr. Sei!? Are you tired of living that much??? 

But I was relieved to hear the whole story—Captain Indrak had saved Mr. Sei’s life. I bet that was what Mr. Sei meant by “causing him trouble”. I was amazed to think the one known as the “Ice Prince” throughout Romani would have such kindness deep within his heart! Though, Mr. Sei didn’t seem very happy when he told me all that. I felt like his eyes looked a little more lifeless than usual. Man, I can’t help but wonder why.

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure how I should sum this report. I wondered if it’s safe to say that Mr. Sei is now in good hands, given that someone else is going to take care of him from now on? I guess I can say that Mr. Sei will probably still be in danger too in the future though. Captain Indrak is not called the “Ice Prince” for nothing…!]

[Report No. 7 

Mr. Sei fell ill yesterday as he was roaming the town and was rescued by Captain Indrak who happened to stumble upon him by coincidence. The next day, as I was having lunch in the cafeteria, I saw Captain Indrak dragging Mr. Sei back to the health department. It never even crossed my mind that Captain Indrak would be willing to take care of someone else to such an extent.

I see, so that was why Mr. Sei asked me how to make up for causing trouble to a superior and the price of services involving magic. Though, Captain Indrak doesn’t seem to mind at all. Moreover, he seems to be prioritizing Mr. Sei’s health above all else. Perhaps it’s because Mr. Sei is under the kingdom’s protection? Whatever it is, I hope Captain Indrak won’t go too hard on Mr. Sei.]3

The next day, Norbert was summoned by Captain Indrak himself. 

He was very nervous to face Captain Indrak alone, but he had only called Norbert to inform him of Mr. Sei’s delicate constitution. At first, he was shocked to hear that Mr. Sei possessed such little resistance to mana, but that was due to the fact that he was from another world. And since a majority of all the foods eaten in Romani contained mana, Mr. Sei could not eat them freely like everyone else. He could die by simply eating mana-heavy foods and only certain items were safe for him to consume. 

To think I’ve been by Mr. Sei’s side all this time… Yet, I knew nothing about this? So, that must be why he doesn’t eat that much in general, huh…? Not to mention the lack of color to his face, his tired-looking eyes… Thinking about all of that pained Norbert’s heart. 

He was disappointed with himself for thinking that Mr. Sei’s unhealthy appearance was normal for somebody from another world. He promised to pay more attention to Mr. Sei next time, so he could help take better care of the man. At the very least, even in a world not meant for him, someone could try to help Mr. Sei to live a normal life just like everyone else. As a start, Norbert planned to “invite” Mr. Sei to the dining hall just like Captain Indrak had ordered him to!

[Report No. 8 

I was summoned by Captain Indrak today. 

He told me all about Mr. Sei’s health condition. Since he’s from another world, he is vulnerable to mana and there are only a few types of food he can eat because of that. 

I told myself to keep a closer eye on his health from now on. From now on, I’ve been ordered to take Mr. Sei to the dining hall during our lunch period every day.]

[Report No. 9

Today I was having lunch with Mr. Sei and Captain Indrak as usual, but we were suddenly joined by the Saint this time! Mr. Sei made sure that I wasn’t able to escape. =( 

Meanwhile, the knights from the Second Order were watching us closely as they escorted the Saint. I was so scared by their presence that I couldn’t even go to get a refill of my favorite Paisavaille.

Unexpectedly, the Saint suddenly cast some of her magic on Mr. Sei, and Captain Indrak had to rush him out of the dining hall before the worst could happen. She had only wanted to help by casting a little recovery magic on him, but in the end, Captain Indrak was still the best person to depend on when it came to taking care of Mr. Sei and his fragile health condition. That very same day, I also learned Mr. Sei’s birthday. I would’ve loved for all of us to celebrate it, but it already happened last month, much to my dismay.] 

After the events of yesterday, the dining hall had broken into a ruckus. Even Norbert was greatly shocked by what had happened before his eyes. 

The person most confusing of all was, of course, the Saint herself. Norbert had been surprised that he could talk to her as an equal, like a friend, but the knight who came in escorting her had kept on glaring at Norbert throughout their conversation. And he did not want to even get started on Captain Indrak’s presence either. At this point, it felt like whatever that man did now would never cease to surprise those around him. 

But Norbert felt as though he could never quite get used to Captain Indrak being around, no matter how much they managed to talk to each other. The knight was always very intimidating, as he strongly gave off the feeling of living in a completely different existence from the rest of the civil servants. Norbert had no clue as to how Mr. Sei could talk normally with him without any problems whatsoever. It was as if they had formed a special kind of relationship with one another… or so Norbert thought.

What a strange world I am living in, Norbert said to himself.

Last chapter of Corpslave Vol 1 is out next week~

Please Wait Until Spring 9

Please Wait Until Spring 9

Please Wait Until Spring

Translator: Clover

Editor: Jora

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 9: Can I kiss you?

The next time he woke up, Rick was latched onto Davis’s face. Or, more accurately, he was curled up into a ball, cradling the man’s head in a tight hug. Davis looked like he was sleeping peacefully, but surely it must have been difficult. Feeling guilty, Rick moved to escape from his grasp but instead was hugged even tighter by the larger man. Like the stuffed squirrel that Rick had cuddled throughout the early days of his hibernation, Davis had him trapped against his chest.

Rick’s resistance was short-lived, and he fell asleep in the warmth of the bear beastman’s arms. He continued the cycle of: sleep, wake up, eat some nuts every once in a while, bathe when needed, and return to Davis, who welcomed him back into strong, comforting arms. No matter how many times the two woke up and left the room, they always returned to one another, curled up, and slept like babies. Turning back and forth on the bed as they slept, both men stayed warm and comfortable, reveling in the foreign feeling of another’s touch. As they slept, Rick dreamed of many things. He dreamed of his old life, his work, his parents, his friends; he even dreamed of Davis. The dream he had that day was very interesting.

Maybe it was because of the past that Davis told him about, but it was like a children’s cartoon. Davis was a baby bear driving a truck, and for some strange reason, even Rick—the baby squirrel—became a fireman too. When they received news of a fire, they jumped and sped off to save the day. Rick sat next to Davis (dwarfed by the huge steering wheel), and rang a bell. He looked over to the bear cub, decked out in his adorable little uniform and said, “……”


Rick no longer saw the child Davis but was met instead with the steady gaze of the man in front of him. 

“What?” he asked, groggily.

Davis gently brushed the bangs out of Rick’s face.

“I’ve got to go…soon, I can’t…late…” Rick muttered, confused and tapping his exposed forehead with his fingers.


“I’ll ring the…bell, and you’ll drive…”

Rick gave Davis the instructions between muffled yawns. He explained that they had to put out the flames as soon as possible, as a family of deer was caught in the raging forest fire.

He managed to explain everything to Davis, who didn’t seem to understand what the small squirrel was talking about. Stuck between dream and reality, Rick explained again, but the more he talked, the higher Davis lifted the corners of his mouth. 

“What are you laughing about in such a situation?” 

Rick said, mouth agape with disbelief.

“Rick and I are going to put out the fire?”


Rick nodded gravely, not sure why Davis was asking in such a playful manner. He wondered why the bear beastman was laughing when the situation was so critical. Rick needed to change into his fire suit quickly, but his arms were still wrapped around the larger man’s neck.

“Is Rick going to ring the bell?” Davis asked, his low voice thick with amusement.

“…hmm? Yeah, I’m going to ring…”

There was a creaking sound. Then Rick’s body shook slightly. Though, it was not Rick who was shaking—it was Davis. For some reason, his body was trembling as he pulled Rick even closer.

“Uh…” Rick startled at the chuckles emanating from Davis’s throat.

“You’re really cute, Rick.” 

“Yes!?” The squirrel beastman blinked in confusion.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Yes?” he repeated with no real consideration to the question he’d just been asked.

Rick nodded his head with his eyes closed, feeling comfortable with the slight swinging. His brain had yet to catch up with the situation, and he hadn’t even listened to Davis properly. But before he knew it, Rick felt a soft touch on his chin.

A kiss, he thought, finally beginning to understand.

The hand gently tilted Rick’s face toward Davis’s, but he kept his eyes shut. A pleasant touch fell on his lips, soft and sweet. Then another and another, again and again.

“Mmm- Hmm!?”

Rick opened his eyes to the tickling sensation and took in the well-groomed face in front of him. 


The finger on his chin moved to stroke his cheek, holding it in place as if Davis would not let go for anything. Subconsciously, Rick reached up and held the hand that cradled his face so gingerly. A wet sensation crept into the gap between his lips that naturally opened, letting it slip inside, connecting with the tip of Rick’s tongue. It was such a warm and new feeling that Rick snapped out of his haze at once.


It was not intense. It was a slow kiss, gentle and exploring rather than rough and needy. Davis’s tongue was larger than Rick’s It moved in slowly to caress the smaller man’s tongue before immediately withdrawing, leaving their lips wet and tingling. The inside of Rick’s mouth felt empty with the loss of the slick heat, and he couldn’t help but feel lonely.


Rick stared at Davis, unsure of what to do in this situation. He must have had a very troubled look on his face. Davis smiled back at him for a moment and then drooped his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry. I was too hasty.” A strange emotion flashed across Davis’s face—some mix of nervousness and regret for his loss of control.

“No, what?” Rick fumbled over his words. “Well, you know…”

He wondered if this really was a matter of haste. He didn’t think it was about the speed or the timing, something which could be perceived as a bigger fundamental problem.

Rick didn’t know what to say. So, he just looked up at Davis instead. He found he was still clinging to the larger man. Despite having been thrown into a state of confusion after waking up from sleep, Rick couldn’t even think of letting go of his hand.

Finally, his eyes flicked down to Davis’s wet lips, and he felt the heat of a blush blooming across his cheeks. As realizations piled up in his mind, he suddenly felt even more nervous than when he’d been kissing the man just a moment before.

“What? Uh?” 

“…Is this better?”

Again, Davis tilted his face toward Rick. Rick closed his eyes tightly as he felt the same soft touch on his lips as before. This time, he didn’t have to open his eyes to know that it was Davis’s lips.

Rick froze, unable to process his thoughts enough to do anything as the lips pressed against his own at different angles. At first, he was scared to death, wondering if Davis would slip his tongue inside again. But there was no sign of it so far. He just brushed their lips together gently, as if he was getting a feel for the texture.

The gentle touches kept coming, first on Rick’s lips, but soon venturing out to the edge of his mouth, his cheeks, his forehead, his nose, like a soft summer rain. His body, which was stiff and rigid from fear, gradually loosened up under the pleasurable sensation.


Davis kissed him again, chuckling softly. The sound sent butterflies in Rick’s belly. Rick rubbed his toes together nervously and subconsciously opened his eyes to gaze at Davis again.

“Mr. Rick.”

A low, deep voice echoed from Davis’ lips as they kissed Rick’s earlobe. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He didn’t have to look to know that his ears and cheeks were flushed red.

Davis’s lips trailed down the other man’s face in a smooth, caressing motion, and then came to rest on his lips once more. Davis bit down softly on his lower lip and Rick almost cried out at the strange new sensation; he couldn’t tell if it was the feeling of shame or comfort.

“Um, you know, Davis…”

When Rick finally realized that the situation was weird, Davis’s lips were already pressing against him even harder. Rick tried to call out his name, but Davis just kept kissing him. These deeper kisses lasted for a few seconds before the man slowly let go.


“Mmm, Mr. Davis…”

Rick wasn’t sleepy but he felt tired and his eyes drooped a little. He sighed and put his fingers over his wet lips. Davis’s eyebrows wrinkled a bit as he looked away from Rick with an indescribable expression.

“…I’m going to…take a bath.”

“To…?” What?

Davis was out of the bed just as suddenly as he declared it. Rick was surprised by how hastily the man had moved—a rare thing for Davis who, by Rick’s assessment, was always confident. He paused for a moment to look down at the squirrel beastman, small and frazzled amongst the mess of blankets. His face still held the unnamed emotion, but it softened a bit as he reached over and gently stroked Rick’s hair before leaving the room in a flash.


Rick, who was left behind, did not even rub his eyes but just looked at the man’s back in a daze.


He had no idea what was going on and could only lay there, opening and closing his mouth like a fish…his mouth, which had been so recently kissed.

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Seduction Strategy 16

Seduction Strategy 16


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 16

Saturday has finally arrived! 

After working half a day, I can take the rest of the day off. 

Then tomorrow I’ll have a full day off. Days off are so nice! I love holidays! 

On the first Saturday after I arrived at the royal castle, the knights had gone on an expedition to defeat a magical beast that had appeared in the suburbs.

The magical beast was safely defeated, and as per usual, the rest of today was a half-day holiday. 

The Knights were basically allowed to take holidays off according to the calendar, but unfortunately sometimes they were assigned to work on holidays. 

Thankfully, both of the handsome knights assigned to my care had the day off today, and they were going to give me a tour of the capital.

Although, for some strange reason, the tour was divided into two parts; Gilliam was in charge of the first half, and Farangis in charge of the later.

The plain-clothed Gilliam, was walking side by side with me on the cobblestone street. I looked over at him.

“I thought I had heard you had some other things to do today, but I’m guessing that you skipped out?”

Gilliam shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had no other choice.

“Farangis is a smooth talker after all. It’s hard to argue with him when he gives you a good reason. Although, he’s probably secretly seeing one of his lovers again today.” 

“Farangis sure is popular.” 

“That he is. He’s quite the man when you think about it—not only is he skilled and courageous, but he has an unyielding personality and is quite charming, which makes it difficult to dislike him. It also helps that he has a good family background. The only drawback I can think of, is his bad habit of being overly promiscuous.” 

“… Ah yeah, in this world, the partners are men…”

… When such a clean-cut gentleman put it like that, a somber feeling crept over me while thinking about my situation.

As we were walking, I couldn’t help but think that the man walking next to me was looking splendidly handsome today as well.

Thinking back to the first time we met, Gilliam seemed stiff, but I guess that was because we hadn’t really gotten to know each other yet. 

During the times when we met each other at the workplace, I realized that he was a fine young man. 

He has a calm demeanor, and has a gentle but firm personality. He was skilled and was popular among his peers too. 

… Ahh, I wished that I had such a junior colleague in my original world. 

It would have been great if he was my subordinate. 

If only I had him, a man who was capable, the time spent working overtime would have been considerably reduced.

I could imagine saying things like, “Thanks for the follow-up on the last item. If you don’t mind a vending machine, I’ll buy you anything you want.”

I would probably settle any amount of bills while saying something like that. 

But if he was this handsome and capable, I was sure the sales people would have happily snatched him up…

“Keigo, if you are happy with the food from one of the stalls here, I’ll buy you whatever you want. As long as you don’t upset your stomach.”

… Ah, yes. I’d been vaguely sensing this, but you didn’t care that I’m older, did you?

He probably said that because he was worried that I wouldn’t have any money of this world, but I actually did have some pocket money. 

Or rather, I borrowed it. 

Thank you, Saneto, for lending it to me with a smile. Although, I felt sorry for extorting it from the priest. 

They said that I’ll get paid for my office work, so I could pay it back with interest when I get it.

I quickly took out my wallet. 

“It’s okay Gilliam, I have money. I have money, but… Here.” I handed over the wallet to Gilliam. “I don’t really understand the monetary value of this world yet, so I wondered if you could keep it for me until I get used to it. And since you’ve generously offered to treat me, I’ll take you up on your offer and ask for just one thing. Ok?” 

“… Which one?” 

“That fried churros-like confectionery!” I enthusiastically pointed to the stall I was interested in with a smile. “That sugar coating looks delicious!” 

“Does Keigo like sweets?” 

“I love them! Ah, I also like spicy food. I also like to drink. I don’t drink much, though.” 

“Are you a lightweight?” 

“… I am not that heavy of a drinker. But, I do like to drink because it puts me in a good mood.” 

“Then I’ll introduce you to a good bar next time.”

He invited me to have a drink with him, so I gladly nodded. 

I liked this kind of enthusiasm. 

Really, I wished he were my colleague. 

As an elder, I felt guilty, but it was nice to have a relationship where you could get along without feeling older.

… Thinking about it, it occurred to me that maybe he thought of me as his junior. 

If that were the case, then that would explain why he might be treating me so well. He would be kind to his juniors, and juniors were generally pretty cute, you know? 

Even though I was older, he must have regarded me as such because I was the new guy at work. 

… In this situation, let’s forget about the pride of older people and take advantage of his generosity. 

Gilliam senpai! Thank you for your help ! !

Gilliam grew up in the royal capital, Shuraorumu. 

It seemed that as a knight he held a position as a quasi-aristocrat, but he has a family home in a commoner neighborhood. 

He said that since he knew more about this side of the city, his guided tour was centered on the commoner area. 

Various stores lined the streets in this sub-district. 

The area around the middle gate near the noble district was the government office. Then near the outer gate was the post station. 

From what Gilliam said, It seemed that many artisans live on the east side of the castle, and the entertainment district was on the west side. 

I wondered if it has a red-light district? 

When I asked him about it, he affirmed that there were such stores.

I see, so there were still brothels. 

It was a world full of men after all. 

The goods, of course, being men—there were severe penalties for buying and selling women in this world, after all. 

When I asked Gilliam if he had ever been there before, he didn’t respond. 

… Which meant he has been there before. 

No, I don’t blame you, okay? It’s normal for men to have sexual desires. 

I don’t have any experience as a top or otherwise, not even with the experts. 

I’m not sure I’ll ever experience that… I’m in the position of being penetrated, not doing the penetrating. (Tears) 

I heard that the whole entertainment district was lively, even in the daytime, but he didn’t take me there.

The sky gradually faded into a scarlet sunset. 

Gilliam and I were heading to the fountain in the square where we were supposed to meet up with Farangis. 

On my shoulder was a cloth bag that I just bought. 

The inside was filled with the spoils of our adventure that I bought on a whim. 

Even though food, clothing, and shelter were guaranteed— there were some things that you just wanted to have on a whim.

The beautifully colored sugar candies were gifts for Hans and Saneto, who had been taking great care of me. 

There were also several other small bags of sweets. 

Yes, I was the type who kept a stash of sweets in the office drawer. If I didn’t get enough sugar, I’d run out of energy in the middle of the night… 

I also bought a few bags of nuts. I figured they would be good snacks for drinking. 

While shopping for snacks, I refrained from buying anything that smelled too strong. I didn’t want that beautiful guest room to smell like squid. 

(Which reminds me, there was dried squid at one of the stores we visited. I didn’t buy any, but someday I think I’ll request the kitchen to grill some for me.) 

I also bought sake. The bottles were heavy, so I only bought one small bottle. 

For some reason, as I was walking around in a good mood after shopping, it felt like Gilliam was looking at me affectionately with a smile on his face. 

No, I’m older than you, you know.

Next to the fountain, Farangis was waiting with a horse. 

TL Note: When I saw Saneto while translating: Saneto? Who?

I have to re read earlier chapters. Saneto is the priest who didn’t sleep with Keigo. The priest who has a boyfriend. In case you guys forget like me. I am working on another project. It’s a VRMMORPG bl novel. After I have stockpiled it, I will finally translate character introductions of SS. So that no one would have to reread to know the character background. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

Hardcore Gamer 7

Hardcore Gamer 7

That’s What You Call a Hardcore Gamer!

Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 7: Situation in town

The next morning, I went down to the first floor and took out the rice balls and green tea from my inventory, and placed them on top of the front counter for our guild members who couldn’t log out. The inventory can be accessed from anywhere.

One by one, the guild members lined up calmly and received them. 

In between bites, I announced to them,”…and that’s about it. If you have your own house, check there and make sure you have enough underwear, clothes, equipment, and so on. Also, it looks like it’s a mess outside, so be careful out there!”

I said this with a hopeful smile, and everyone nodded as they ate. Within this guild, there hasn’t been any noticeable disorder—yet. However, I know very well that this is just the situation at our guild hall . Nachi has been busy chatting away with his friends since this morning, and from what he told me, the situation is very different elsewhere.

After the meal, I checked the inventory again. I’ve already expanded my inventory to the maximum size, so it can store 99 items per slot and has 8,000 slots… so it is capable of storing 8,000 multiples of 99. Currently, there are 200 vacancies. The rest of the inventory is being used to store materials, processed goods, recovery items—now including food and drink—and some equipment that I quietly made with my crafting skills, which I planned to give to novices as support.

I’m not a particularly hardcore player, so I don’t typically need powerful equipment. And while my character’s level is high, the status and skill levels aren’t maxed out. I was just… wondering if it would be better to distribute some of my equipment to the guild members considering the chaos outside, even if it doesn’t necessarily count as clothing…

I am troubled by it.


As Nachi suddenly called out to me, I reflexively hit the inventory’s exit button. The inventory window that had been unfolding in front of my vision closed.


“Well, I was thinking, why don’t we check out the situation in town for a bit?” 

“Ah… That’s what I was thinking too. Depending on the situation, it might be better to ration a rice ball, or something, once every three days.” 

“Uh-huh. Well, I guess everyone in the guild is going to check their inventories and private houses today, right? Why don’t we go first?” 

“That’s right. In a way, I think it’s up to you and me to decide what direction to take in the future.”

When I agreed, Nachi laughed softly. Maybe the reason I’ve been able to maintain some level of composure is because Nachi has been so calm all this time.

Thus, we ate rice balls and green tea with everyone for lunch as well, and then decided to take a stroll around Clock Town. Normally when I’m in the square, I don’t carry much of a weapon to use my skills, but just in case, I kept my spear on my back.

Even though I have a spear weapon, there basically aren’t any offensive skills for a bard—it’s the weakest class by itself in the game. Even so, I can still wield the spear as a physical weapon and use my bard skills to take out the early bosses with a single blow. I’ve been using those to help novices so far—although I can only help them up to about lvl 100.

Nachi also carried a staff on his back. We both tied our shoelaces together, gave each other an unspoken nod of affirmation, and walked out of the guild’s front door.

Since the guild house was on the outskirts of the plaza, we decided to first head to the center of the plaza where the announcement board and official general store were located. There were no longer crowds like there were at the time of the event announcement, but I noticed some people lying down on benches—obviously having slept out in the open. I opened the console window to see what the general store had for sale, and it was sold out yet again today. Normally, most people don’t buy food items like eggs, milk, rice balls, etc. because they are cheap and ineffective—but now they are all sold out. The official general store was supposed to reset every morning at 5:00 a.m. to replenish, and that didn’t seem to have changed. The reason I could tell was because there was a sign that read, “Sold Out Today”.

After looking at the surroundings, Nachi spoke up, “Everyone seems to be in need of food, clothing and shelter after all. Especially the light users who don’t pay for in-game items and don’t have any in-game currency.” 1

We consider ourselves casual players, but we enjoy the game as much as we can, so others probably think of us as being more hardcore. Although, not all of our guild members are like that.

“The guild members of Mashed Potato are lucky to have Neji.” 

“I wonder…” 

“Neji is cheerful, gentle, a bit of a pushover, but also a hard worker.” 

“Why have you been flattering me, since yesterday?” 

“In a situation like this, it’s to be expected that the only people you can trust are your real friends…” Nachi strangely lowered his voice, “but to be honest, I’m very worried.”

It was surprising because he seemed so calm. But I understood what he meant, because I would have been worried too if Nachi hadn’t been here.

“Well just in case, let’s take a look around the whole city. Around the corner, there’s a rental stall for the F2P players, a trade board, and an official cafe.”2 

Nachi regained his composure and spoke, “That’s right. I want to know if there’s no food there either.”

So we turned the corner, and then entered a winding, usually deserted, back alley as a shortcut to the stalls area.

At that moment, a voice suddenly called out to us, “Ah, you’re the two from Mashed Potato.”

Nachi and I both abruptly turned our heads. There were five men standing there. Everyone was well equipped to some degree. From their equipment, I could tell that they were a group of axe-wielders.

“I see that your avatar was shared with your real appearance.” 

“I always thought you were pretty cute but… wow.”

They surrounded us, grinning. I was wondering what this was all about and then Nachi narrowed one eye.

“We are in a hurry, please let us through.”

Then the men gave us vulgar smiles.

“We can’t even log out because of the situation. But we can still kill’ya. If you disobey us, the weak and chatty ones like you will die in one shot. You know that, right?”

My eyes widened when I heard that. Next to me, Nachi gasped.

“This game was originally about sex too, ya’ know? How about you let us fuck you? See?”—the man crudely gestured towards his genitals—“you know what they say about your sex drive going up before you die?” 

“Which one should I fuck?” 

“I’ll use Neji’s mouth.” 

“Then I’ll take Nachi’s back.”

I was shocked and in disbelief. Nachi furrowed his brow and kept his eyes downcast for a long time. He seemed to be controlling something with his eyes. At this point, I clearly understood that I was about to be raped as the men crowded me and tried to touch my clothes. I turned pale and felt like my whole body had gone cold. Considering the number of people involved, their skill level, and the quality of their equipment, there was no doubt that we would be killed if we defied them. Sure, we were told that we would be revived, but there would still be pain in the process.

I instinctively blurted, “Just take me. Let Nachi go.”

Nachi opened his eyes next to me and he then glared at the men.

“Neji. Never mind that. You’re out of your mind for messing with us.” 

“Wow, you’re a lot tougher than I thought.”

One of the men laughed mockingly. Then he picked up his axe. He swung it. 

Ah. I am going to be killed. Despite my fears, I picked up my spear to somehow protect Nachi.

At that moment, a cold and hoarse voice emanated from behind us.

“What are you doing?”

TL note: Guess whose voice is it? Place your bets Heath or Mao.

Executed Sage 61

Executed Sage 61

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ifwewerevillains

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 61: The Sage Listens to the Archer’s Thoughts

Red lights scattered around the cityscape that night.

Fire rose from buildings here and there.

People were escaping into the dark night.

In the midst of that situation, I was walking around.


An angry voice filled with killing intent came from ahead.

It came from one of the soldiers who were protecting this city.

Ffom above me, they shot arrows wreathed in white light.

Those arrows, imbued with holy attributes, rained down on me.

I produced a spear with the miasma.

I spun it with my hand to deflect all of the incoming arrows.

None of the arrows managed to strike my body.

Before they could shoot a second volley, I flung my miasma spear.

The spear flew straight toward the enemy’s archers and pierced through several of them.

Their flesh was pierced on impact, followed by the sound of their blood flowing.

The soldiers who were pierced by the spear turned into ghouls after convulsing and began to attack other soldiers nearby.

I think it will take care of itself if I leave it alone.

As I made that decision, I left that area.

There were countless ghouls running around the vicinity.

They had originally been the people who’d lived in this city.

They were now eagerly biting into the living.

It had already been several days since I captured one of the Magic Kingdom’s golems.

This was one of the cities of the Demon Lord’s Territory, which was formerly part of the Empire’s territory.

The other day, the lord of territory had declared that he would side with the Empire, and began to produce weapons and tools for countermeasures against the undead.

Since he’d ignored my warning, I was forced to use my strength.

I could have just ignored it, but if I did, the same thing would happen in the other cities.

Once that happened, it would hinder the rule of the Demon Lord’s Territory.

To put it bluntly, what I was doing at this moment was closer to showing off.

It was a necessary sacrifice to ensure a smoother future.

I couldn’t be distracted by the Magic Kingdom alone.

My enemy was the whole world.

Every nation was trying to subdue me.

Apart from that, I needed to pay attention to the awakening of heroes by the will of the World.

I had no intention of repeating the same mistake.

I couldn’t neglect domestic affairs, but I also needed to consider the big picture.

The conflicts between the human nations were steadily diminishing.

There were even nations who had begun to have secret alliances amongst them.

They took the threat of the Demon Lord’s reign seriously, and thought that every nation should cooperate.

Little by little, everything was moving as I wished it to be.

I hoped this situation could keep progressing.

I heard the sound of glass breaking above me as I walked down the street.

It was a soldier. They had broken a window and had fallen.

There were several ghouls clinging onto him.

“UAAAAAAAH, let me go!”

The soldier who’d fallen to the ground desperately resisted.

The ghouls ignored his resistance, tore off his limbs and devoured him.

The cry of agony echoed together the sound of flesh being chewed.

The surrounding ghouls heard the moan and gathered around that spot.

I just walked right past them.

Even when I heard the scream of death, it didn’t pain my heart.

I just felt a little sympathy.

I was already used to it after seeing similar things too many times.

I felt that my humanity had decreased.

…Did I become a monster both in body and mind?

However, it wasn’t something that had only recently begun.

If I cared for every last one of them, I wouldn’t be able to bear to continue on as the Demon Lord.

Objectively speaking, it wasn’t a bad mindset.

A cold heart was suitable for the Demon Lord.

It wasn’t something to be pessimistic about.

I felt hatred and despair towards humans.

Perhaps I was venting my dissatisfaction by slaughtering them.

That couldn’t be helped either.

Since I couldn’t deviate from my role and purpose, I would tolerate this ugly desire.

Once I arrived at the center of the city, Henry approached me.

With a bow in hand, he greeted me in a relaxed manner.

“Hello, commander.”

“What the status of the area I entrusted you with?”

“Of course, I did it perfectly. I wouldn’t make any mistakes about that.”

Henry moved his bow and shot through the eye of a soldier who had been lurking behind him, all while still facing me.

The soldier who got shot froze, then silently collapsed.

From the beginning until the end, Henry was still looking at me without ever turning around.

It was a transcendental skill, as usual.

Henry had continued to train since he’d joined the Demon Lord’s Army.

His skills were being refined day by day.

In addition to his extraordinary talent, his tireless efforts had formed this man’s strength.

He also served as a combat instructor at the Demon Lord’s Army, and also received support from his subordinates.

Henry and I then walked toward the lord of the territory’s mansion.

The site was currently under assault from the undead.

By the time we arrived, the location would likely be under our control.

As we moved, Henry brought up a topic as if he’d just remembered about it.

“Hey, I heard you developed a new weapon? I heard some hearsay about it, which mentioned it would replace the bow, but I forgot its name.”

“It’s a gun. Once it becomes widespread, it will become the next generation’s main weapon.”

“Hah, but is it really as convenient as it sounds? Aren’t the weapons we have now useful enough?”

Henry shot his arrow while looking skeptical.

A soldier who had been hiding on the roof rolled down.

The soldier had been in Henry’s blind spot, but Henry had managed to shoot him from in between the wall and the roof.

“By using a gun, even a kid could kill a magician.”

“— Wow, that sounds amazing.”

Henry showed strong interest after hearing this.

He was skeptical about this new technology, but it seemed he quickly understood the effectiveness of the gun.

Nobody was as devoted to battle as Henry was.

That was why he understood the value of guns.

“You could do a test-fire if you go to the laboratory. Do you want to try it once?”

“Ah, I’ll do just that.”

Henry gladly agreed.

Regardless of whether he would like it or not, it was better to experience it soon. 

It was highly possible that the Magic Kingdom would use them once the war against them began.

There was nothing wrong with understanding its features at this moment.

“If the gun were to become the mainstream weapon, the bow would become obsolete…”

Henry murmured.

He had a somewhat lonely face.

This was a man who’d lived through the battlefield for years.

He must have had his own opinion about the great transition that was about to happen.

I spoke to him after I thinking for a little bit.

“You would still be active on the frontline. You wouldn’t be obsolete.”

“Hahaha, I’m glad to hear that. It would hurt me if I got kicked out because of this.”

Henry jokingly laughed.

These weren’t just words of comfort.

His bow would still be a powerful weapon, even if guns became the main weapon on the battlefield.

It surpassed the gun in every respect.

There won’t ever be a case where his power wouldn’t be necessary.

We silently walked on for a while.

Everywhere around us was filled with noise.

The gate was open in the distance; it was where people were running towards to evacuate.

They were driven to leave the city which had been run over by the undead.

As I looked at that scene, I suddenly said something.


“What is it?”

“Do you wish for eternal life?”

Henry raised one of his eyebrows as he heard my question.

He then shrugged and bitterly laughed.

“That’s a sudden question. What made you ask me about that?”

“There’s no real reason behind it. I’m just purely curious.”

I had been wondering about it for some time.

There were no other executives on this battlefield.

So I thought it was a good opportunity to ask.

“If I were to say yes, would it make me an undead?”

“Yes. You would become a high ranked undead which would retain your ego.”

It was something I could easily do by now.

Considering how strong Henry was as a human, he would surely become a powerful undead.

It would make him free from the concept of aging and lifespans, allowing him to live for eternity.


Henry pondered with his arms folded.

After pondering for some time, he answered in an unusually serious manner.

“That’s an interesting suggestion, but I’d prefer to remain human. I think it is a fortune to be capable of death by reaching the end of your lifespan. Of course, this isn’t meant to slight you, commander. It’s just my personal opinion.


I was silenced by his surprising answer.

Because I had thought that Henry, who loved fighting, would surely choose to become immortal without any hesitation.

“Well, I have no intention of dying in the near future. So I’ll have fun while it lasts.”

Henry said that as if he just reminded himself about it.

Then he added a suggestion to his good idea.

“If I were to have children and grandchildren, I’d advise them to work for you. Please help them when that time comes.”

“I see. I will look forward to that.”

I nodded firmly.

It was good to know about his unexpected side.

I would respect his opinion.

I wouldn’t force him to become an undead.

In fact, it was as Henry said.

It was an irreplaceable happiness to be able to die by the end of your lifespan as a mortal.

I had already abandoned such a choice and had dragged Grom into it.

As a person who had abandoned their own humanity, I wouldn’t be able to expect a peaceful death.

As a Demon Lord, I was not allowed to die to begin with.

I was to reign forever as the pinnacle of evil.

This was my endless penance.

It was something that would normally drive one to insanity.

I couldn’t force anyone else to do such an act.

It wasn’t sane to accompany me forever.

It would be better to have a decisive cooperative relationship like with Henry.

It was something that reminded me of such a thing.

Afterward, we invaded the Lord’s mansion with the undead and purged the lord, who had begged for his life.

As expected, I couldn’t forgive him.

It would serve as a warning to the other cities, so I couldn’t give a naïve response to it.

After the battle, the Demon Lord’s Army returned to the capital.

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Executed Sage 61

Executed Sage 60

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Cale

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 60: The Sage Gets a Glimpse of the Magic Kingdom’s Power

The bullets fired by the golems mercilessly attacked the Holy Scepter Army.

The soldiers collapsed one after another as their blood was spilled.

One unlucky person got hit on their head, and their brain was pierced and before they instantly died.

Those who weren’t hit dragged their injured comrades behind the trees.

The golems resumed their march after lowering their arms.

The inorganic weapons steadily closed the distance between them and the Holy Scepter Army.

Those are guns… they seem to have installed it in their fingertips?

I paid close attention to the golems’ hands.

There were faint wisps of white smoke rising from their fingertips.

It was probably from the gunfire.

I couldn’t tell with just a glance, but all those fingers seemed to be gun barrels.

Those golems were not without weapons.

It was just that those weapons were built inside of them.

As such, they had no need to wield a weapon using their arms.

It was a great strength wasn’t easily or initially identifiable from just its appearance.

From their opponent’s perspective, they wouldn’t know what kind of attack to expect until it hit them.

This made it easier to catch them by surprise.

There were humans who fought using hidden weapons.

These golems’ guns seemed to have been developed according to that principle.

The Holy Scepter Army desperately tried to resist.

They kept attacking from a distance using magic and arrows. 

On the other hand, the golems used protection magic to overcome these attacks.

Most of the Holy Scepter Army’s attacks were rendered ineffective before this robust barrier.

Occasionally, the golems would also fire their finger guns.

Each time they did, corpses would pile up

Their salvo aim was accurate and it managed to hit soldiers who were hiding between the trees.

Perhaps was a technician remote-controlling them from within the fortress.

There was connection from their magic powers that seemed to suggest such a thing.

Furthermore, the soldiers at the fort also helped by using their crossbows and ballista.

This prevented the Holy Scepter Army from counterattacking.

The golems brilliantly worked together.

One could say that they had trained many times for such a situation.

Overall, the Holy Scepter Army was at a clear disadvantage.

They gradually drew back, increasing the number of victims without any means of resistance.

They wouldn’t be able to seize victory without going closer.

However, they had no capacity to move forward.

It was also clear that their morale had dropped even from a distance.


A roar echoed throughout the battlefield.

It came from one of the soldiers affiliated with the Holy Scepter Army.

That soldier avoided the incoming attack with beast-like movements, and managed to reach the nearest golem.

He slipped through the defensive magic deployed by the golems, and swung upwards with his long sword.

The head of the golem which received the blade had a slight depression and a straight crack appeared on it.

However, that was all the attack was worth.

The golem continued to move as if nothing had happened and grabbed the soldier’s ankle.

Then, it smashed him on a nearby tree.

The soldier’s upper body was torn off.

The scattered viscera soaked said golem.

Similar sights were occurring all around the vicinity.

One of the golems’ fist hit a soldier’s head and it exploded.

There were also those who got restrained and then got shot by the bullets at close range.

All of those soldiers attempted close range combat against the golems.

Those who tried to inspire themselves during this disadvantageous situation all met miserable ends.

The golems’ bodies were made of metal.

They were also constructed as weapons.

Looking at these series of exchanges, they appeared to be designed more robustly than normal golems.

They were sturdy enough without protection magic.

In addition, the golems had extraordinary strength.

If one carelessly approached them, they would only be murdered just like what happened here.

As sluggish as they were, they were still capable of reacting properly at close range.

If one wanted to stop the metal golems, they would need to be powerful enough to quickly destroy the magic engraved inside of it with a single blow.

This was needed to render the golems inoperative.

It would also be effective to absorb the magic power within its power source. 

Anyway, a half-baked physical attack would only bring more risk than what it was worth.

“It’s so one sided…”

“It can’t be helped. They’re just poorly matched.”

I observed the golems as I responded to Grom’s mutter.

The magic power contained inside of it gradually started to deplete.

Especially when it used protection magic, it was greatly exhausted.

This was probably because all of its functions relied on the magic power it stored within it.

The more actions it did, the more it reduced the time it could operate.

The golems of the Magic Kingdom were seemingly unsuited for a protracted battle.

However, this didn’t mean that they would stop any time soon.

At this scale, they still had enough magic power to last until this battle ended.

Rather, considering all of the functions it was able to execute, the magic power consumption was abnormally small.

It wasn’t something that other nations’ technological capabilities were capable of reproducing.

Its inner structure was also quite complicated.

I could only say that it was expected of the Magic Kingdom.

The battle has already been decided.

The Holy Scepter Army, which had only a few survivors left, finally began to withdraw.

They escaped to the depths of the forest while using magic to restrain the advancing enemies.

Considering the direction they went to — it was the territory of the Holy Scepter Army.

The golems didn’t chase them too far.

At this point, the victory of the Magic Kingdom Army was already confirmed.

They only tried to mop up the enemy within the vicinity without greedily chasing after them.

If they poorly pursued them, it might lead to unnecessary damage.

The Magic Kingdom also understood that.

“The battle is over. What should we do now?”

“We’re going home. We have had our harvest.”

There was no point in staying here for long.

It would be troublesome if the Magic Kingdom Army found us.

I used transfer magic to instantly transfer myself to the audience room of the capital.

As we returned to a familiar place, Grom made an exaggerated move.

“Ooh, is this perhaps…”

There was a golem dropped in front of his sight.

Its torso was severely torn, its head was split in half, and its internal structure was exposed.

Its inner structure was damaged and appeared to have ceased to function.

“Demon Lord-sama, is this…”

“Of course, it’s a golem of the Magic Kingdom. I brought back one that had gotten destroyed during the battle.”

In the battle earlier, the Holy Scepter Army managed to put up a fight, even in such a disadvantageous situation.

As a result, they managed to destroy a few golems.

This was just one of those.

I had just stolen the result of their effort.

The Magic Kingdom would surely notice that one of their golems had been taken away.

I didn’t mind that.

They would surely think that the Holy Scepter Army had just managed to secure it as they were retreating.

They wouldn’t think that the Demon Lord was actually hiding in that battlefield and had stolen a golem after doing some reconnaissance.

It was a sneaky method, if I do to say so myself.

However, there was no problem with that since I was the Demon Lord.

The Holy Scepter Kingdom might get accused of theft, but they were the ones who began the battle out of their own selfish desires.

So, they should be able to tolerate at least that much.

I intended to send this golem to the laboratory for research.

I decided to leave the analysis to the staff, and to imitate such golems if it was possible.

Since I could use magic to produce golems, I could make something similar as long as a suitable vessel was prepared.

It would be very convenient to have a golem with such high performance skills as a weapon.

I could expect a new force, in addition to the undead.

The uncovered technology should be applicable to other fields as well.

It would be an indispensable sample for the current laboratory.

Regarding the Magic Kingdom, we would only monitor it for the moment.

This war began because of the domineering attitude of the Holy Scepter Kingdom.

In other words, since the Holy Scepter Kingdom was the cause which disturbed the harmony between humans; I had no intention of imposing any sanctions on the Magic Kingdom.

Even so, it appeared that the Magic Kingdom possessed technological capabilities beyond my imagination.

They even hid something like these golems, which were beyond the technical capabilities and reach of the Demon Lord’s territory.

It was better to consider that it was developing various things which were yet to appear.

At present, the stance of the Magic Kingdom was still unknown.

Did they strengthen their military to prepare to invade the Demon Lord’s territory?

The reaction of the spies sent were subtle, which made it hard to conclude anything.

If they were producing those golems for self-defense, I would leave them alone.

But if they intended to invade the Demon Lord’s territory, they needed to be prepared to pay the price.

I needed to prepare some measures to prepare for such a possibility.

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Executed Sage 61

Executed Sage 59

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 59: The Sage Observes the Conflict between the Two Nations

“What do you mean? Elaborate.”

“Ye, yes! Actually…”

Grom began to explain while looking terrified.

According to him, the neighboring kingdoms of the Holy Scepter Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom were engaging in battle along their borders.

The scale was still small, and was closer to that of a skirmish at this time.

The Magic Kingdom was located southeast of the Demon Lord’s territory.

Therefore, their territory wouldn’t be damaged.

The conflict seemingly originated from the multiple demands of the Holy Scepter Kingdom.

They kept demanding provisions, technology, and weaponry, all of which weren’t granted to them by the Magic Kingdom. As such, they dispatched an army incognito to the border as retribution. 

As part of their cover, they had apparently claimed to be a bandit group.

Their method is too tyrannical. Did they get impatient after losing their Saint?

As I heard about the actions of the Holy Scepter Army, I couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

I could see that they wanted to appear strong because they wanted to keep their reputation, but there should have been a limit on how far they could go.

To be honest, it was hard to believe they would go this far.

It could be said that the Magic Kingdom’s refusal was only natural in this case.

I remembered them as being more of a decent nation back when I was human.

Perhaps their Nation’s executives had changed during the last decade and this influenced their present actions.

I didn’t expect them to become so selfish.

As I grasped the situation, I stood up and commanded the two executives. 

“Grom shall go with me for reconnaissance. Luciana will be on standby. Please put together any new information regarding the two nations as soon as you receive it.”

“I understand!”

“Okay, okay. Be careful out there.”

As Luciana waved her hands to see us off, Grom and I moved by transfer.

The destination was a forest. Upon arriving, we immediately hid.

There a stone fort towering in front of me.

According to my perception magic, there was a large number of soldiers scrambling around inside of it.

They seemed to be the soldiers of the Magic Kingdom.

There were also groups of people who were launching an attack on the fort; humans who wore dingy cloaks and hid their faces with cloth.

There were about 150 people, and they were probably the ones affiliated with the Holy Scepter Kingdom.

Apparently, they had disguised themselves as bandits.

It was their way of ensuring plausible deniability for their nation’s actions.

It was too absurd to believe.

It was an argument that almost nobody would be deceived by, but the Holy Scepter Kingdom would probably insist on it regardless.

The soldiers of the Magic Kingdom were fighting from within the fort.

They all wore full-body armor and attacked with crossbows while using the battlements as cover.

Was the huge bow installed at the fort supposed to be a ballista?

It was able to turn in all directions and was firing at the bandits it faced, or rather, towards the Holy Scepter Army.

On the other hand, the Holy Scepter Kindom’s army used bows and magic, while deploying protection magic to suppress the incoming attacks.

However, the rain of bolts forced them to hide behind trees and they were unable to advance.

We observed the situation from a distance.

We weren’t noticed since we had deployed concealment magic.

As it was, I could freely observe the situation as a third party.

It’s ballista, huh. That’s quite rare.

The ballista used by the Magic Kingdom was a type of magic weapon that could shoot a variety of bolts.

While it was inferior in terms of portability and ease of use when compared to a crossbow, in terms of sheer power, it was greatly superior.

Both of them were original inventions of the Magic Kingdom and were rarely seen outside of that nation.

Looking back at past battles, it seemed that this trend hasn’t changed much since the last decade.

The crossbow itself wasn’t widespread in other nations.

It was more powerful than a bow, but its complicated structure made it prone to malfunctions.

Its range was also more limited.

The limited distribution might have also been caused by the large number of poor quality imitations that had been sold on the market in the past.

Those crossbows were poorly made and often malfunctioned during battle, which then lowered their value and impression to the public.

It also wasn’t a cheap thing to construct, so most nations still relied on bows and magic for long range attacks.

In particular, ballistas had also been affected by this trend, and because of that, the use of it didn’t become widespread either.

Despite such a situation though, it was thanks to the Magic Kingdom’s technological prowess that they were able to make use of such weapons.

While this nation didn’t produce powerful casters or warriors, it focused instead on consistently raising their overall fighting capabilities.

A typical example of this could be seen in the foldable crossbow and element enhancements attached to the ballista. 

Rather than training a person individually, they focused on improving the weapon they used instead.

It could be said that this nation managed to find another way of using magic.

The battle between the two armies opposing armies was quite close.

The Holy Scepter Army had a hard time attacking in the face of the raining bolts produced by the crossbow and the ballista.

They might get shot down quickly if they carelessly revealed themselves.

The corpses all over the ground were proof of this.

Meanwhile, the Magic Kingdom’s army merely continued to shoot their weapon, without trying to advance.

They didn’t go out of the fortress and made use of the fortress’s defensive capability to fight.

They prioritized minimizing the damage to their army.

They would just wait until the Holy Scepter Army gave up and withdrew.

“Does the Demon Lord-sama have no intention of interfering with this battle?”

“No, I’ll merely observe.”

I wanted to check the movement of the Magic Kingdom while I was here.

Perhaps they have prepared some kind of new weapon.

Regardless of which side came out as victorious, it wouldn’t affect us.

“Grom, tell me if you find anything curious.” 

“Hah! Certainly!”

As we continued to watch the battle, there was some movement going on inside the fortress.

The gate opened with a heavy clang.

I could sense a high-power magical reaction from that diretion.

It had a concentration and amount that was inconceivable for a human magician.

What emerged from the gate were dozens of small metal humanoids.

They were magical dolls with an attribute that granted their materials false life — golems.

By making use of magical power in place of a neural system, they were capable of producing life-like movements.

It had probably been created by someone inside the fort.

It might need some amount of specialized knowledge, but it was a highly convenient magic that could possibly be utilized using various materials.

However, the golems that emerged from the fortress were different from the golems I had known.

You could tell they were elaborately made just from their appearance.

All of their parts seemed to have been made from scratch before being assembled together.

A normal golem would be much more crude and haphazard.

Meanwhile, the golems of the Magic Kingdom had been fine-tuned as weapons.

“Hohou, those are wonderful golems.”


The golems marched forward as we talked.

Beyond them was the Holy Scepter Army.

It looked like the Magic Kingdom intended to leave close combat to unmanned weapons.

It was the logical strategy that minimized the damage to their soldiers.

However, could golems alone deal with that army?

I wondered about the Magic Kingdom’s current tactic as I watched the battle.

It was common knowledge that the movements of golems were awkward and simple.

They were generally used as meat shields to defend the people behind them who were the actual attackers.

Just sending out golems wouldn’t be seen as a major threat.

One only needed to be careful of their powerful, continuous attacks.

On top of that, the golems that emerged from the fortress didn’t seem to have any weapons on them.

Without it, all they could do was punch and kick.

The Holy Scepter Army could easily and one-sidedly destroy such an enemy.

Sure enough, the Holy Scepter Army began to chant from the cover of the trees.

Apparently, they intended to destroy all the golems before they could close the distance between them.

Soon, the chants were completed.

They came out from behind the trees and shot their magic attacks at the same time.

However, the magic was dispersed before it could reach the golems.

There was a translucent barrier between them that blocked the attack.

After witnessing this, Grom’s jaw dropped, and he had to use his palm to push it up.

“Tha, that was…”

“That was protection magic.”

It wasn’t that there was somebody who had cast it in secret.

It was something the golems deployed by themselves. 

Looking at the movement of magic power, it seemed this magic had been built inside of them.

This isn’t any kind of technology that I’ve ever heard of. Did the Magic Kingdom develop it themselves?  

The golems that had deployed magic all raised their arms at the same time.

They were aiming towards the location of the Holy Scepter Army.

The next moment, bullets started firing from their fingertips in a cacophony of bursts.

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The Verdant Lands 27 (NSFW)

The Verdant Lands 27 (NSFW)

The Verdant Lands

Translator: RRei

Editor: Evelet

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Warning! NSFW Content! Proceed at your own risk!

Chapter 27: Perfume Oil (NSFW)

Ashiyowa placed his arms around the Emperor’s neck and allowed himself to be embraced, leaning his face against the Emperor’s shoulders. 

Until now, all he’d wanted was to go back to the mountains. Yet, he just willingly pushed himself further away from returning. He felt faint. The pounding in his chest made his face bright red. And yet, he wanted to believe in the kindness reflected in the Emperor’s gentle eyes.


Ashiyowa raised his head and found that they were on the bridge that connected Ryokuryū and Ryokuen Palace. The Imperial Guards and chamberlains followed behind. The chamberlains carried his chair from the podium and the cane he had forgotten. They also brought his crown, which he had left behind after stepping away from the podium. 


He was called again, but as he turned his face, his lips were met with another’s.


The arms wrapped around him squeezed tighter as they hurried through the corridor. He was kissed relentlessly on his cheeks, temple, and lips, and when the Emperor’s lips brushed over the nape of his neck, Ashiyowa’s whole body trembled.

Aniue, I’m so happy you’ve decided to stay…,” the Emperor said in a muffled voice, his nose buried in Ashiyowa’s neck. 

“I won’t hurt you anymore. Close your eyes. I’ll make everything feel better…”

Ashiyowa felt an inexplicable urge throughout his body to struggle and free himself from the Emperor’s arms, to cry aloud. But he just shut his eyes tight. 

Ashiyowa was laid on the bed as a chamberlain helped the Emperor out of his crown and royal attire. Then, it was Ashiyowa’s turn to be undressed from his blue silk robes. 

The Emperor climbed on top of Ashiyowa, pulling their bodies together, skin against skin. He was already deep in ecstasy, rubbing their lower halves together as he showered Ashiyowa with kisses. The canopy’s curtains were let down and, for that moment, only the two of them existed in this world. 

Ashiyowa’s lips were licked until they became plump and soft. Their mouths were locked against each other until they ran out of breath and finally broke apart, both panting, mouths agape. In between their quickened breaths, the Emperor nibbled his tongue, sucking his sweet saliva. 


Ashiyowa clung to the Emperor’s upper arm, both hands in fists.

“A-Ahh… Aghh.” 

The Emperor paused and Ashiyowa could finally breathe. He stared longingly at Ashiyowa, at his wet tongue, entranced by the soft moans leaving his mouth. Ashiyowa’s tongue was sweet. He hadn’t felt the desire to kiss anyone like this before, but Lafoseine was different. 


He couldn’t hold back anymore. He would do what he couldn’t do that day in the forest. 

You could say it was partly because of the ministers’ pleas, but Ashiyowa, who long desired to return to the mountains, had changed his mind and decided to stay. In other words, he had accepted Lesheinu ― was what the Emperor thought.

Ashiyowa’s body was melting. His lower half pulsed with desire under Lesheinu. It was fine even if Ashiyowa just laid down and closed his eyes, Lesheinu was happy that he was there. He gently pushed Ashiyowa’s legs apart, trying to ease his body, when an overwhelming desire to make Ashiyowa his surfaced.

He caressed Ashiyowa, attempting to soothe the tension in his body. The smell of burning incense circulated throughout the room; it was meant to help him relax.  Reaching out of the curtains, he grabbed a small glass bottle. It was a perfumed oil made from the purple Arasui flower, highly valuable because it only grew in the South Anasan district. 

The oil was strictly for the royal family’s use and even aristocrats wouldn’t be able to get their hands on it. 

It was used between two royal members when they made love to each other. For twelve years, the Emperor didn’t have much use for it, but this changed ever since his brother was found. 

He poured the oil over Ashiyowa’s lower abdomen and spread it with the palm of his hands. He rubbed their bodies together, blending the oil. The Arasui’s fragrance became increasingly intense as their bodies warmed up, seductive almost, as even Ashiyowa couldn’t help but feel compelled to spread his legs. 

“…A-Ah. Leshe…”

Lesheinu flashed Ashiyowa a bright smile, whose eyes were half-open, resembling crescents. He ran his fingers through Ashiyowa’s short black hair, combing it up, and stroked his cheeks. 

“There’s nothing to be afraid of… Nothing…”

He leaned into Ashiyowa, stretched on his back across the silk bedding, his hands and tongue running all over Ashiyowa’s body. 

“A-Ahh… Nhh… Ahh”

Their skin was flushed red, and the fragrance thickened. Lesheinu’s hands were covered with Arasui oil, trying to coax Ashiyowa into his touch with soft caresses. It wasn’t like what Ashiyowa felt that day in the forest, there was no fear. Instead, any feelings of unease slowly melted away. 


Ashiyowa’s hips shot up in surprise and he reached for Lesheinu’s arm. 

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Aniue.”


As Lesheinu began moving his hands, Ashiyowa buried his forehead in Lesheinu’s collarbone, his hot breath tickling his chest. It sent shivers down Lesheinu’s body, stirring something within.

“―Guhh…,” Lesheinu endured, clenching his teeth.

He bent Ashiyowa’s legs and pushed them apart, placing himself between the other’s limbs, then pulled Ashiyowa into a tight embrace, bringing their hips together. He nibbled on Ashiyowa’s skin, leaving a trail of small red marks across his neck.

Ani…ue… Don’t be scared… It’s alright. I won’t hurt you…,” the Emperor whispered into his ear, leaning in to steal a kiss. 

He let go of Ashiyowa’s body for a moment, grabbing one of the pillows to place underneath Ashiyowa’s hips. Then, he placed Ashiyowa’s left leg over his shoulder and emptied the second bottle of perfume oil onto his fingers and in between Ashiyowa’s legs. 

The first finger went straight in, coating Ashiyowa’s entrance with the oil. Ashiyowa’s right leg thrashed about as he moved his finger left and right.

“D-don’t touch that place…”

“I won’t hurt you, Aniue.”

The third bottle of oil was soon emptied into Ashiyowa’s entrance. He could feel Lesheinu’s finger moving in and out. Just as his hips bucked up, Lesheinu grabbed his waist and pulled his finger out. Perfume oil trickled down his hips, and he seemed to have turned a shade redder from his neck to chest. 

“Something like this… I-I…”

He covered his face with one of his hands, rough breaths leaving his mouth. 

“It’ll be alright, Aniue. I won’t do anything scary. I love you.”

Tiny droplets trickled down Ashiyowa’s eyes and small quivers ran through his body.

“L-Leshe…Lesheinu… S-Something feels weird. Stop…”

Ashiyowa’s breaths sounded painful, his knees rubbing against each other as his waist trembled. 

“It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine… Aniue.”

Lesheinu placed his hands on Ashiyowa’s legs and spread them apart. There were now two fingers inside.


As Ashiyowa opened his eyes, he was met with Lesheinu’s smiling face. In the meantime, Lesheinu was slowly moving his fingers, loosening Ashiyowa. The scent of the perfume oil reminded Lesheinu of those nostalgic times when the rest of the royal family was still here, of when he used to play around with them. Both men and women laughed together, desired each other, and learned together.

As Lesheinu’s fingers explored his insides, Ashiyowa felt a throbbing sensation pulsate through his body. The scratches and marks that used to litter Ashiyowa’s body had disappeared. Oil trickled down his body, leaving warm tingles wherever it touched. 


“Just a little more. It’ll be alright,” he reassured Ashiyowa, flashing him a smile before leaning in for a kiss.

Yet, no matter how much Lesheinu tried to pleasure him with his hands, Ashiyowa’s reaction seemed weak and tired. Even if he did seem fine, Ashiyowa still hadn’t recovered from the earlier sensation. In truth, Lesheinu wanted to go faster but dismissed the thought. They were not meant to overdo it, after all. In a sense, this was also Lesheinu’s way of letting Ashiyowa know that he was capable of gentleness, that he would never hurt him again. 

A third finger slipped in. Ashiyowa’s knees tightened around Lesheinu, trapping him between his legs. But the oil was slippery, and he didn’t have the strength to grip onto Lesheinu for long, so his legs slicked down and fell onto the bed. 

“Ah. Leshe… A-Ah. Leshe―. P-Please. That’s enough.”

Lesheinu brought out the fourth bottle of oil and applied a generous amount for Ashiyowa. It made a bubbly noise before it was swallowed into his body. Lesheinu moved his fingers in circular motions, stirring his insides.

In between their feverish touches, the perfume’s aroma continued to intensify, and as if invited by the scent, Lesheinu repositioned himself between Ashiyowa’s legs. He had been holding himself back, but it was finally time. After spending much time, effort, and love into preparing Ashiyowa, he was ready to join their bodies together. Pressing firmly against Ashiyowa’s entrance, he slowly applied pressure. 


Then, all too fast, he was all the way in. 

Ashiyowa’s back arched up and after a short pause, he let out a cry.  

“Aghh! Ah. D-don’t…”


“I-It hurts… It hurts…”

“Ughh… Aniue…”

Lesheinu saw white. Just putting it in had tipped him over his limit.

“Hahh… Hahh…”

He hugged Ashiyowa’s hips and began thrusting in small motions. It still wasn’t enough. He was still hard and hadn’t calmed down at all after the first time. He took a breath, then went in deeper. Sweat fell in his eyes, down his neck. 

“Leshe―. Aghh… It’s too deep. I’m scared… I-I’m scared.”

Lesheinu wanted to kiss him, to say something to reassure him, but he was in a tight position, half-inside Ashiyowa. Slowly, he pulled out.  

“Hyaah… Ahhh!”

Ashiyowa writhed in agony as he felt Lesheinu pull out of his body. Lesheinu turned his body sideways and quickly embraced him. Slowly, Lesheinu entered Ashiyowa again.

“It’s all right, Aniue. It won’t be scary. I’m right here. I love you,” Lesheinu whispered.

His lips brushed against Ashiyowa’s neck as their bodies rubbed against each other, his chest against Ashiyowa’s back. He hadn’t forgotten about Ashiyowa’s front half, reaching for Ashiyowa’s still-limp member, caressing it.  

“See, it’s not scary, is it? I want to make you feel good. It’ll be alright.”

“A-Ah. Inside… Inside me. Leshe…Lesheinu”

“Yes, it’s me. The same Lesheinu that loves you deeply, Aniue.”

Slowly, he pushed forward into Ashiyowa’s slippery insides until his pelvis touched Ashiyowa’s entrance. His insides were hot and wet, clenching tightly against Lesheinu as he began to repeat the movement, moving back and forth. 

“U-Unhh. Ahh… Leshe―. Ahh.”

Ashiyowa grabbed Leshienu’s arm, whose hands were running all over his chest. His head was spinning, his body drenched in sweat. Each time they rocked back and forth, small whimpers would escape his mouth and he would shake his head.

A-Aniue… ―Hahh…Ahh”

After twelve long years of emptiness and loneliness, Lesheinu had finally found someone he could love. He held him close to his chest as the proof of his love spilled into Ashiyowa. 



Watch My Back For Me

Translator: Xiang’er’s

Editor: Jennicide

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 1: An Angel’s Rebellion

Leorino Cashew1, the fourth born son of the Margrave of Brungwurth, lived within their vast territory located along the border of the neighboring kingdom of Fanoren, west of the Agrea continent.

Although the Brungwurth territory was far from the royal capital, its standard of living was good due to its successful commerce with the central government. And Leorino, as the youngest son of a high-ranking nobleman, grew up in good health, received a good education, and was carefully tended to and loved by both his family and servants.

Recently, a shocking incident occurred in both the calm and harmonious Cashew family and the entire territory of Brungwurth. The gentle and lovable youngest child, who had never left the estate before, suddenly began to rebel.

“Say, brother, how long will I have to dress like this?” asked Leorino who was obviously showing his displeasure at the way his clothes had always looked.

Leorino, who was now twelve years old, had begun following his older brother, Gauff, to the stables to complain several times that month. Gauff patted his horse’s nose and turned towards Leorino to give him a sympathetic look, which left Leorino feeling even more annoyed.

“Ugh! Don’t look at me like that, that’ll just make me feel even more dreary. I am not something so pitiful.”

“But it looks good on you, Rino. It suits you well. And isn’t it fine as long as it’s comfortable?”

“No, that’s not the case here!!!” Leorino stomped his foot on the ground angrily.

Gauff’s eyes widened as he watched his younger brother stomp his foot on the ground in a tantrum for the first time in his life.

“Rino… are you well and truly rebelling now?”

“Don’t call me ‘Rino’! And this is not a rebellion! Say that it doesn’t look good! Say it, Gauff !!”

“Wait, what did you just say to me?!” Gauff asked, disbelieving that his lovely and sweet little brother had just addressed him so bluntly.

Leorino looked at his appearance.

He was already twelve years old. If he was in the capital, he’d have been old enough to enter secondary school by now. And while it was true that his hands and feet were much more slender when compared to his older brothers’ own, even when they were his age, still… Would it not be right for him to dress the way he wanted?

As the breeze blew through the stables, Leorino’s soft light blue ribbons swayed along with it. 

“I’m done dressing like this! I’m a man! I said, I am a man!” The horses then neighed as Leorino’s loud voice echoed throughout the interior of the stables.

Yes, Leorino was growing up healthy.

He was treasured by his family as their lovely little princess.


Leorino had three older brothers. Oriano, who was twelve years older and the eldest of all; Yohan, the second eldest brother, who was ten years older; and Gauff, his third eldest, who was six years older than him. Leorino did not look at all like any of his brothers.

After having two sons who greatly resembled her husband, Augustus Cashew, the famed Margrave of Brungwurth, Lady Maia wanted to have a lovely daughter of her own. In the end, she wound up with four sons as the result of her ambition.

Growing up sheltered, the daughter of the Duke of Wiesen from the central part of the royal capital, Maia loved beautiful, shiny and pretty things.

She had fallen in love at first sight with Augustus, a boy of ten at the time, during one of the capital’s royal balls. He, in turn, courted her passionately when they grew older. At the age of seventeen, she decided to elope and marry the Margrave of Brungwurth. By the following year, she was blessed with their first child.

With dark brown hair and blue-green eyes just like her husband’s, the eldest son Oriano and the second son Yohan were born the most boyish of boys. Her children were very charming, but not in that sparkly, frilly, lovely way that Maia had wanted. And when her toddler’s bubbly appearances quickly came to pass, Maia was left feeling unsatisfied. 

Gauff, their third son, was the result of Maia’s eager anticipation for a daughter. But Gauff was another large baby, just like Augustus’ other sons. Maia may have been delighted to have a newborn to care for, but she secretly vowed to herself that she would try again. Augustus, who had just been ecstatic to celebrate the arrival of his newest son, felt a slight chill for some reason at the very moment she decided this.

Six years after Gauff’s birth, their fourth son, Leorino, came into the world. 

Again, they had a son.

After hearing that her newborn child was another boy, Maia felt both delighted and slightly disappointed. But when she saw her baby for the first time, she burst into tears of joy.

All of her prior sons had straight blackish brown hair and beautiful blue-green eyes, but they were blessed with strong physiques from birth.

Leorino, on the other hand, was a baby with silky white hair that looked like it might melt in the light. His darling pair of violet eyes, tinged with silver, were big and beautiful. Leorino, who slept comfortably with his small hands balled into tiny fists, looked so adorable lying against the lace of Maia’s maternity dress, just like an angel.

He was born a bright and radiant child. As he grew up, his pure white hair gradually darkened to a platinum blonde, just like his mother’s. The light reflecting off those loose curls gave them a lustrous sheen, the glow surrounding him like a halo2, and his large violet eyes were slightly upturned, just like those of a cat. With a narrow nose and smiling lips that were perfectly proportioned to his tiny milk-white face, he was, without a doubt, lovely.

His figure, too, had grown accordingly, without losing any of its beauty. A delicate physique coupled with his gorgeous features produced an adorably angelic young boy that gave off an ethereal and celestial impression.

Growing up, he never once deviated from this beautiful and otherworldly appearance.3 Even his name, Leorino, one that would normally be shortened to “Leo” for a boy, ended up as “Rino” somehow, and he was treated as and fawned over just like a little princess.

As a result of his mother’s bias for all things feminine, he was dressed in shimmery, fluttering clothing from childhood up until the present day, but he had never once complained about it.

Augustus, too, also doted on his youngest son, who was completely unlike his eldest sons and looked fragile and weak. Despite that, his love for his youngest was so great that he still chose to coddle him to this very day.

However, out of the blue one morning, Leorino suddenly told Maia, “Mother, starting tomorrow, I will return to being a man.”

With that, shocking news broke out in the territory of Brungwurth, proclaiming, “The Angel has begun his rebellion.”

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Exiled Prince 4

Exiled Prince 4

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Translator: CleiZz

Editor: BlueBear

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 4: Something’s Wrong

Alan was lying in bed, thinking that if he left it alone, the shivering would go away. For a moment, Danis’ hand lifted Alan’s neck, forcing him to get up. He fit snugly in Danis’ arms, giving him the sensation of being hugged from his back.


 All of a sudden, Alan’s mind grew panicked. 

However, when his trembling body reflexively tried to thrash around, it was held down by one arm.

“Sorry, but this is my bed and the only one I have. If you’re shaking too much, I am gonna have to push you down.”

  Alan was speechless, words failing to reach his mind.

 I’m not sure if this man knows how to act around someone who he knows is a prince.

 When I looked closely at Danis, I found that he had taken off his coat and suit with only light clothing left on his body. What was that hand that had just stroked my head earlier? Was it a misunderstanding to think it was kindness?

 Alan’s body, still trembling and refusing to listen to him, was held down by one arm. 

“Don’t tremble.”


 Danis took a bottle of something and put its contents onto his hand. As Alan leaned over, curious about what was going on, Danis’ hand lifted up a large shirt that did not quite fit Alan and slid his liquid wet fingers into a crack in Alan’s buttocks.

 Suddenly, Alan’s face turned pale as he grabbed Danis’ arm.

“What … are you doing?”

“I didn’t dare confirm it, but … “

 What does he mean by confirm?

 Alan tried to stop Danis with his own hands, yet Danis’ finger reached the bud within the crack of Alan’s buttocks, disregarding Alan’s protests.

 At that moment, Alan’s face distorted, his body trembling as he endured the pain.

“Stop! Why … “

 When Alan’s body began to shake uncontrollably, Danis told him to calm down while gently tapping him on his shoulder several times, attempting to move Alan into a more comfortable position.

 During that time, Danis’s fingers sank deeper into Alan’s bud as he groped around the area, seemingly trying to confirm something. And although Alan felt pain from Danis’ touch, he let out a yelp as he began to feel something other than discomfort from Danis’ teasing fingers.

“Huh … !! … mmm … “

 Though Alan tried to move his body to escape from Danis’ fingers, Alan could not, his arm being restrained by Danis. Tears accumulated under his eyelids from the pain. Alan, who could now only accept his fate, clenched his jaw as he suffered through.

Then, Alan heard Danis mutter something into his ear, saying that Alan’s condition was worse than he thought. The movement inside Alan stopped as Danis slowly pulled out his fingers.

 After enduring so much pain, Alan exhaled and at the same time, unconsciously held his breath once more.

“I think this will be a relief,” Danis muttered.

 Alan looked at Danis and asked if he was still going to do something. He struggled to breathe while his words seemed to come out by themselves. He stopped and began watching Danis’ actions.

 Danis opened the bedside drawer and took out a small candle, placed it on the table, and took out a box as well. Within it, the contents included bandages and poultices that appeared to be for treatment, along with cream-like medicine.

 I don’t have a bad feeling about him at all. 

 Danis lit the small candle with a match, releasing some sort of aroma. The sweet scent began to rise around him. The scent, something that Alan had never smelled before, made his head dizzy.

 He began to realize that this was no ordinary aroma and quickly used his hands to cover his nose and mouth; however, it was already too late and his thoughts began to drift into a haze.

“What … is this … ?”

“You have to endure a little more. I will ease you from your fears, if only by a little.”

 Alan was about to ask Danis what he was doing when Danis began moving without hesitation. Danis’ hand slowly lifted Alan’s shirt, his fingers gently moving from Alan’s exposed belly to his ribs.

 And although it was but a simple stroke, Alan’s body quivered, the sensation moving from his spine to his head.

” … “

 With a hazy mind, Alan couldn’t even move his body in protest. Is it this scent that’s making my body feel like it’s burning?

 Danis’ breathing brushed against Alan’s ears, sending a shiver down his spine while making his body even more sensitive.

“Focus on the pleasure that you’re feeling.”

 Danis felt Alan’s resistance lessening and slowly released his grip on Alan. He smiled and stroked Alan’s head. When he was done, he grabbed Alan’s ear and gently outlined it with his tongue.

“Mmm … “

 Alan was confused by the sensation crawling up from inside of him.

He didn’t know this feeling. Before this, he only knew pain and disgust, yet the hot sensation growing inside of him felt foreign to his body. Every time Danis touched it, his body reacted with embarrassment.

Alan felt relieved. The hand that stroked him felt so familiar, as if he knew it from long ago. This was especially true when Danis patted Alan’s head, his hands giving Alan a sense of intimacy. Alan wondered if this was also because of the scent he had smelled earlier.

 Danis’s tongue ran down from the back of Alan’s ears to his neck, as if to ignore Alan’s thoughts.

“Hmm … mmm … “

 Alan’s body began to shake with excitement as he struggled to push and suppress the sounds coming from his mouth. The sweetness of his sighs both surprised and ashamed him.

 While he was intoxicated by this sensation, Alan didn’t notice that Danis had one hand reaching for the cream-like medicine. Danis’ finger reached for Alan’s anus, snuggled between the crack of his ass.


 It hurt, though the pain felt more like a tingling sensation.

 ”It’s okay … just focus on me,” Danis said.

 He sucked on the back of my neck and then ran his tongue down to the base. His finger fondled my anus, teasing it in order to easily slip back inside and caress the interior.

“Ah … “

 Alan’s mind became clouded, confused about whether his body was shaking from pain or Danis’s touch. Alan’s head was empty of thoughts, save for the sensations he felt.

 Heat sprung up from inside him, gathering in his lower abdomen. His body was far too honest, the hot feeling causing something between Alan’s legs to stiffen.

 Because Alan’s shirt was already rolled up, there was no hiding as Danis looked straight at it.

“What … what …”

 Danis noticed his surprise and assured Alan that there was nothing strange about it.

“Is this really normal?” Alan asked, his neck tilted.

Danis responded with a faint smile and applied some more cream onto Alan’s ears.

“There are other things too.”

 With those words, Danis’ free hand began stroking the stiffness between Alan’s legs.

“You’re surprised yet your body is so sensitive at the same time.”

As Danis uttered those words, Alan’s body trembled for a moment, shaking when Danis touched his sensitive part. Without listening to Danis’ words of restraint, Alan touched the tip with his own finger, then curled them around his shaft while moving his hand up and down.

 Alan reflexively began to sway his body to the sudden waves of strong pleasure, his exposed mouth making sounds and noises even he did not recognize. 

“Uh … ah … ?”

 This new sensation was so intense that Alan’s mind went blank. His hips moved naturally following the rhythm of his hands while his face flushed hot with embarrassment; though Alan felt a sense of shame, he wanted more.

 He noticed that the finger inside his anal cavity shifted and sank further in, moving around as if it was probing for something. Within seconds, Alan’s body jerked back when the finger rubbed against a specific area inside.

“Ahh … !!!”

 It was here that Danis’s fingers began to touch relentlessly. And with each stroke, Alan’s voice let out a small cry, his head turning white while his vision blurred.

“Huh … hmm … there … weird … “

Danis’ fingers moved relentlessly and without stopping; Alan’s consciousness jumped for a moment.

 Alan’s body reached climax without mercy.

 His body recoiled as his hips thrust forward. Pushed to the brink, Alan couldn’t stand it any longer and spurt out the heat concentrating in his lower body.

 Danis caught it with his hand.

 Alan’s head still hadn’t caught up with him and he let his weight fall into Danis’s arms while gasping for air, his body relaxing.

 Maybe I am feeling a little disoriented? Danis patted Alan on the head.

 Alan had never felt anything like this before. He thought about how all these new sensations felt strange, perhaps even good. The humiliation he had received from Gabriel’s men had left Alan with nothing but a sickening and painful image.

 However, being made to pant like a woman at the hands of a man was not only hard to swallow but also embarrassing. Somehow, Alan couldn’t look directly at Danis and averted his gaze.

 After that, Danis wiped his hands lightly without changing his demeanour. He then extinguished the candles and wiped the sweat off of his body.

 To be honest, I was expecting he’d leave me alone, Alan pondered with surprise.

“We’ll be out before dawn, so get some sleep while you can,” Danis said.

 Alan was about to leave Danis’ arms, feeling embarrassed, but was quickly stopped when Danis wrapped his arms around Alan once again. Then, Danis pressed his full weight on top of Alan, causing the both of them to fall together.

“Erm … what… “

“I can’t sleep without feeling the warmth of another body” Danis replied.

“Huh? What?”

 Alan turned bright red.

‘I don’t want to fall asleep while being hugged by the person who had played with my body just a while ago.’

 Danis may not have been aware of it, but Alan was, whether knowingly or not.

“Don’t do that!”

 Alan flailed, but Danis’s arm was too strong, preventing Alan from leaving his grasp.

After some time, Alan asked Danis what he was doing, but was met with a still silence. Alan let out a small sigh.

“He’s really sleeping.”

 Alan was so weak that he had no choice but to lie down, his aching body stiff.

 When Alan woke up the next day, he remembered that Danis had slept right beside him. He was shocked to see that Danis used his body as a pillow, though only after treating Alan’s wounds.

 Alan thought it was stupid, so he closed his eyes while concentrating on the warmth of Danis’ body, pretending to go back to sleep.

  Then he finally realized something. There was a slight scent of lavender that he hadn’t noticed before, the odour of cigarettes still masking it. When he opened his eyes, Alan could make out the chain of a pendant through the gap in Danis’s shirt, perhaps the source of the lavender scent.

 He closed his eyes once again, concentrating on the nostalgic scent as he slowly fell back into sleep.

Watashi Wa Sugoi Desu
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