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Seduction Strategy 16

Seduction Strategy 16


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 16

Saturday has finally arrived! 

After working half a day, I can take the rest of the day off. 

Then tomorrow I’ll have a full day off. Days off are so nice! I love holidays! 

On the first Saturday after I arrived at the royal castle, the knights had gone on an expedition to defeat a magical beast that had appeared in the suburbs.

The magical beast was safely defeated, and as per usual, the rest of today was a half-day holiday. 

The Knights were basically allowed to take holidays off according to the calendar, but unfortunately sometimes they were assigned to work on holidays. 

Thankfully, both of the handsome knights assigned to my care had the day off today, and they were going to give me a tour of the capital.

Although, for some strange reason, the tour was divided into two parts; Gilliam was in charge of the first half, and Farangis in charge of the later.

The plain-clothed Gilliam, was walking side by side with me on the cobblestone street. I looked over at him.

“I thought I had heard you had some other things to do today, but I’m guessing that you skipped out?”

Gilliam shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had no other choice.

“Farangis is a smooth talker after all. It’s hard to argue with him when he gives you a good reason. Although, he’s probably secretly seeing one of his lovers again today.” 

“Farangis sure is popular.” 

“That he is. He’s quite the man when you think about it—not only is he skilled and courageous, but he has an unyielding personality and is quite charming, which makes it difficult to dislike him. It also helps that he has a good family background. The only drawback I can think of, is his bad habit of being overly promiscuous.” 

“… Ah yeah, in this world, the partners are men…”

… When such a clean-cut gentleman put it like that, a somber feeling crept over me while thinking about my situation.

As we were walking, I couldn’t help but think that the man walking next to me was looking splendidly handsome today as well.

Thinking back to the first time we met, Gilliam seemed stiff, but I guess that was because we hadn’t really gotten to know each other yet. 

During the times when we met each other at the workplace, I realized that he was a fine young man. 

He has a calm demeanor, and has a gentle but firm personality. He was skilled and was popular among his peers too. 

… Ahh, I wished that I had such a junior colleague in my original world. 

It would have been great if he was my subordinate. 

If only I had him, a man who was capable, the time spent working overtime would have been considerably reduced.

I could imagine saying things like, “Thanks for the follow-up on the last item. If you don’t mind a vending machine, I’ll buy you anything you want.”

I would probably settle any amount of bills while saying something like that. 

But if he was this handsome and capable, I was sure the sales people would have happily snatched him up…

“Keigo, if you are happy with the food from one of the stalls here, I’ll buy you whatever you want. As long as you don’t upset your stomach.”

… Ah, yes. I’d been vaguely sensing this, but you didn’t care that I’m older, did you?

He probably said that because he was worried that I wouldn’t have any money of this world, but I actually did have some pocket money. 

Or rather, I borrowed it. 

Thank you, Saneto, for lending it to me with a smile. Although, I felt sorry for extorting it from the priest. 

They said that I’ll get paid for my office work, so I could pay it back with interest when I get it.

I quickly took out my wallet. 

“It’s okay Gilliam, I have money. I have money, but… Here.” I handed over the wallet to Gilliam. “I don’t really understand the monetary value of this world yet, so I wondered if you could keep it for me until I get used to it. And since you’ve generously offered to treat me, I’ll take you up on your offer and ask for just one thing. Ok?” 

“… Which one?” 

“That fried churros-like confectionery!” I enthusiastically pointed to the stall I was interested in with a smile. “That sugar coating looks delicious!” 

“Does Keigo like sweets?” 

“I love them! Ah, I also like spicy food. I also like to drink. I don’t drink much, though.” 

“Are you a lightweight?” 

“… I am not that heavy of a drinker. But, I do like to drink because it puts me in a good mood.” 

“Then I’ll introduce you to a good bar next time.”

He invited me to have a drink with him, so I gladly nodded. 

I liked this kind of enthusiasm. 

Really, I wished he were my colleague. 

As an elder, I felt guilty, but it was nice to have a relationship where you could get along without feeling older.

… Thinking about it, it occurred to me that maybe he thought of me as his junior. 

If that were the case, then that would explain why he might be treating me so well. He would be kind to his juniors, and juniors were generally pretty cute, you know? 

Even though I was older, he must have regarded me as such because I was the new guy at work. 

… In this situation, let’s forget about the pride of older people and take advantage of his generosity. 

Gilliam senpai! Thank you for your help ! !

Gilliam grew up in the royal capital, Shuraorumu. 

It seemed that as a knight he held a position as a quasi-aristocrat, but he has a family home in a commoner neighborhood. 

He said that since he knew more about this side of the city, his guided tour was centered on the commoner area. 

Various stores lined the streets in this sub-district. 

The area around the middle gate near the noble district was the government office. Then near the outer gate was the post station. 

From what Gilliam said, It seemed that many artisans live on the east side of the castle, and the entertainment district was on the west side. 

I wondered if it has a red-light district? 

When I asked him about it, he affirmed that there were such stores.

I see, so there were still brothels. 

It was a world full of men after all. 

The goods, of course, being men—there were severe penalties for buying and selling women in this world, after all. 

When I asked Gilliam if he had ever been there before, he didn’t respond. 

… Which meant he has been there before. 

No, I don’t blame you, okay? It’s normal for men to have sexual desires. 

I don’t have any experience as a top or otherwise, not even with the experts. 

I’m not sure I’ll ever experience that… I’m in the position of being penetrated, not doing the penetrating. (Tears) 

I heard that the whole entertainment district was lively, even in the daytime, but he didn’t take me there.

The sky gradually faded into a scarlet sunset. 

Gilliam and I were heading to the fountain in the square where we were supposed to meet up with Farangis. 

On my shoulder was a cloth bag that I just bought. 

The inside was filled with the spoils of our adventure that I bought on a whim. 

Even though food, clothing, and shelter were guaranteed— there were some things that you just wanted to have on a whim.

The beautifully colored sugar candies were gifts for Hans and Saneto, who had been taking great care of me. 

There were also several other small bags of sweets. 

Yes, I was the type who kept a stash of sweets in the office drawer. If I didn’t get enough sugar, I’d run out of energy in the middle of the night… 

I also bought a few bags of nuts. I figured they would be good snacks for drinking. 

While shopping for snacks, I refrained from buying anything that smelled too strong. I didn’t want that beautiful guest room to smell like squid. 

(Which reminds me, there was dried squid at one of the stores we visited. I didn’t buy any, but someday I think I’ll request the kitchen to grill some for me.) 

I also bought sake. The bottles were heavy, so I only bought one small bottle. 

For some reason, as I was walking around in a good mood after shopping, it felt like Gilliam was looking at me affectionately with a smile on his face. 

No, I’m older than you, you know.

Next to the fountain, Farangis was waiting with a horse. 

TL Note: When I saw Saneto while translating: Saneto? Who?

I have to re read earlier chapters. Saneto is the priest who didn’t sleep with Keigo. The priest who has a boyfriend. In case you guys forget like me. I am working on another project. It’s a VRMMORPG bl novel. After I have stockpiled it, I will finally translate character introductions of SS. So that no one would have to reread to know the character background. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

Hardcore Gamer 7

Hardcore Gamer 7

That’s What You Call a Hardcore Gamer!

Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 7: Situation in town

The next morning, I went down to the first floor and took out the rice balls and green tea from my inventory, and placed them on top of the front counter for our guild members who couldn’t log out. The inventory can be accessed from anywhere.

One by one, the guild members lined up calmly and received them. 

In between bites, I announced to them,”…and that’s about it. If you have your own house, check there and make sure you have enough underwear, clothes, equipment, and so on. Also, it looks like it’s a mess outside, so be careful out there!”

I said this with a hopeful smile, and everyone nodded as they ate. Within this guild, there hasn’t been any noticeable disorder—yet. However, I know very well that this is just the situation at our guild hall . Nachi has been busy chatting away with his friends since this morning, and from what he told me, the situation is very different elsewhere.

After the meal, I checked the inventory again. I’ve already expanded my inventory to the maximum size, so it can store 99 items per slot and has 8,000 slots… so it is capable of storing 8,000 multiples of 99. Currently, there are 200 vacancies. The rest of the inventory is being used to store materials, processed goods, recovery items—now including food and drink—and some equipment that I quietly made with my crafting skills, which I planned to give to novices as support.

I’m not a particularly hardcore player, so I don’t typically need powerful equipment. And while my character’s level is high, the status and skill levels aren’t maxed out. I was just… wondering if it would be better to distribute some of my equipment to the guild members considering the chaos outside, even if it doesn’t necessarily count as clothing…

I am troubled by it.


As Nachi suddenly called out to me, I reflexively hit the inventory’s exit button. The inventory window that had been unfolding in front of my vision closed.


“Well, I was thinking, why don’t we check out the situation in town for a bit?” 

“Ah… That’s what I was thinking too. Depending on the situation, it might be better to ration a rice ball, or something, once every three days.” 

“Uh-huh. Well, I guess everyone in the guild is going to check their inventories and private houses today, right? Why don’t we go first?” 

“That’s right. In a way, I think it’s up to you and me to decide what direction to take in the future.”

When I agreed, Nachi laughed softly. Maybe the reason I’ve been able to maintain some level of composure is because Nachi has been so calm all this time.

Thus, we ate rice balls and green tea with everyone for lunch as well, and then decided to take a stroll around Clock Town. Normally when I’m in the square, I don’t carry much of a weapon to use my skills, but just in case, I kept my spear on my back.

Even though I have a spear weapon, there basically aren’t any offensive skills for a bard—it’s the weakest class by itself in the game. Even so, I can still wield the spear as a physical weapon and use my bard skills to take out the early bosses with a single blow. I’ve been using those to help novices so far—although I can only help them up to about lvl 100.

Nachi also carried a staff on his back. We both tied our shoelaces together, gave each other an unspoken nod of affirmation, and walked out of the guild’s front door.

Since the guild house was on the outskirts of the plaza, we decided to first head to the center of the plaza where the announcement board and official general store were located. There were no longer crowds like there were at the time of the event announcement, but I noticed some people lying down on benches—obviously having slept out in the open. I opened the console window to see what the general store had for sale, and it was sold out yet again today. Normally, most people don’t buy food items like eggs, milk, rice balls, etc. because they are cheap and ineffective—but now they are all sold out. The official general store was supposed to reset every morning at 5:00 a.m. to replenish, and that didn’t seem to have changed. The reason I could tell was because there was a sign that read, “Sold Out Today”.

After looking at the surroundings, Nachi spoke up, “Everyone seems to be in need of food, clothing and shelter after all. Especially the light users who don’t pay for in-game items and don’t have any in-game currency.” 1

We consider ourselves casual players, but we enjoy the game as much as we can, so others probably think of us as being more hardcore. Although, not all of our guild members are like that.

“The guild members of Mashed Potato are lucky to have Neji.” 

“I wonder…” 

“Neji is cheerful, gentle, a bit of a pushover, but also a hard worker.” 

“Why have you been flattering me, since yesterday?” 

“In a situation like this, it’s to be expected that the only people you can trust are your real friends…” Nachi strangely lowered his voice, “but to be honest, I’m very worried.”

It was surprising because he seemed so calm. But I understood what he meant, because I would have been worried too if Nachi hadn’t been here.

“Well just in case, let’s take a look around the whole city. Around the corner, there’s a rental stall for the F2P players, a trade board, and an official cafe.”2 

Nachi regained his composure and spoke, “That’s right. I want to know if there’s no food there either.”

So we turned the corner, and then entered a winding, usually deserted, back alley as a shortcut to the stalls area.

At that moment, a voice suddenly called out to us, “Ah, you’re the two from Mashed Potato.”

Nachi and I both abruptly turned our heads. There were five men standing there. Everyone was well equipped to some degree. From their equipment, I could tell that they were a group of axe-wielders.

“I see that your avatar was shared with your real appearance.” 

“I always thought you were pretty cute but… wow.”

They surrounded us, grinning. I was wondering what this was all about and then Nachi narrowed one eye.

“We are in a hurry, please let us through.”

Then the men gave us vulgar smiles.

“We can’t even log out because of the situation. But we can still kill’ya. If you disobey us, the weak and chatty ones like you will die in one shot. You know that, right?”

My eyes widened when I heard that. Next to me, Nachi gasped.

“This game was originally about sex too, ya’ know? How about you let us fuck you? See?”—the man crudely gestured towards his genitals—“you know what they say about your sex drive going up before you die?” 

“Which one should I fuck?” 

“I’ll use Neji’s mouth.” 

“Then I’ll take Nachi’s back.”

I was shocked and in disbelief. Nachi furrowed his brow and kept his eyes downcast for a long time. He seemed to be controlling something with his eyes. At this point, I clearly understood that I was about to be raped as the men crowded me and tried to touch my clothes. I turned pale and felt like my whole body had gone cold. Considering the number of people involved, their skill level, and the quality of their equipment, there was no doubt that we would be killed if we defied them. Sure, we were told that we would be revived, but there would still be pain in the process.

I instinctively blurted, “Just take me. Let Nachi go.”

Nachi opened his eyes next to me and he then glared at the men.

“Neji. Never mind that. You’re out of your mind for messing with us.” 

“Wow, you’re a lot tougher than I thought.”

One of the men laughed mockingly. Then he picked up his axe. He swung it. 

Ah. I am going to be killed. Despite my fears, I picked up my spear to somehow protect Nachi.

At that moment, a cold and hoarse voice emanated from behind us.

“What are you doing?”

TL note: Guess whose voice is it? Place your bets Heath or Mao.

Seduction Strategy 16

Seduction Strategy 15


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 15

The general came to the Knights’ training ground while I was in the middle of my riding lesson. 

Seeing Bard, I handed the reins over and asked Gilliam to lead the horse for a walk. 

I still haven’t made the horse run yet. 

I consider the one time that I had tried, to be a terrible memory. When I had tried to make the horse run, I almost fell off the horse and had to be hugged back into the saddle like a child. 

Was that a love flag1?

There’s no way the love flag would rise from a guy’s failure.

“Yo! You’re getting better since the last time I had a peek at you.”

Bard was smiling as he approached me.

Feeling flustered, I asked, “… When did you see me?” 

“You mean secretly? Hm, I suppose that would be the time you got off the horse, you collapsed to your knees, and held your bottom. Did the vibrations get to you?” 

“Handsome man, please don’t say dirty jokes.” 

“I’ve heard that such a gap2 is attractive.”

I was bewildered when Bard held his hands out high in the air and said, “Here.”

I looked over at Gilliam with a dubious expression, but he nodded, so I leaned over. 

The general placed his hands onto my sides and lightly lowered me from my horse.

“I am borrowing Keigo. That’s all for today.” 

“Yes, sir.”

While Gilliam and the other knights bowed, Bard led me away.

“… You told me before that you had wanted to do office work in your free time. I’ve talked to some officials for you. I will introduce you to them now.” 

“Thank you.”

I had, in fact, asked the general to help me find a job when I realized that I had nothing to do in the first half of the week. 

It would have been nice if I could train at the Knights’ base, but it seems that those at the Knights’ base in question don’t have that much time on their hands. 

Yeah, they can’t just leave an amateur, like me, out there after all…. 

Gilliam or Farangis are supposed to take care of me, but they also had their own jobs to do too. 

Besides, I didn’t think my body could take it for a week straight.

Thanks to the blessing of the goddess that was given to otherworlders, I had no trouble speaking, reading, or writing. 

Since that was the case, I asked the general if I could help with the civil official’s work. 

I was good at paperwork. So, it would probably work out. 

Most of all, I felt uncomfortable lounging around doing nothing for half the week—especially when I was being taken care of in regards to food, clothing, and shelter. 

It was a request I made after deciding that I could provide labor in the humanities.

“… So, did you sleep?”

Before I knew it, the handsome man by my side whispered in my ear while letting out a low chuckle. 

I was startled and tried to step away from the voice directed at me from close range, but the arm that was trying to escape, was firmly grabbed. 

I was pushed directly against a pillar in the hallway that was shrouded by shadows. 

The tall general leaned in close, as if to cover me from above, and spoke in a low sultry voice, “… Gilliam and Farangis are both still inexperienced, but they’re good men, aren’t they? The others are not bad either. After all, they are members of the glorious Knights of the Kingdom. Have you started the tasting stage? Hmm?” 

“… I’m sorry, not yet.” 

“You do understand that you only have a finite amount of time left, right?” 

“You say that, but so do you, General! You still don’t seem to want to accompany me, do you? These conditions are extremely unreasonable. Making men feel affection for an old man! How in the world am I supposed to seduce men, when I am a virgin?”

It was clearly an unexpected counterattack. The general looked at me wearing a surprised expression on his face. 

His wide-open amber eyes were as beautiful as ever. 

Looking at me, his facial expression had morphed from surprised to what I could only describe as a complicated expression. It seemed he was choosing his words with care.

“… Ahh, if you’re a virgin, you wouldn’t know how to do it… really?” 

“If I had known, I would have already lost my virginity by now.”

I don’t care what you say, don’t make me hear the word “virgin” again. 

Although it is mostly me saying it. Damn it.

“… Shall I teach you how to seduce?”

I immediately replied to the general’s words, which sounded sexy all at once, “The General’s technique is too high-spec to copy.” 

What kind of sick punishment game was this? 

Impregnating a woman with just a look, though there were no women here, or making her wet with just a voice, were special moves that only good looking men could use.

My rejection was ignored. 

The general’s face came closer as he gave me a sexy look. 

At this rate, there was no doubt that I will be kissed. 

Preemptively, I covered my mouth with my hands. 

And I immediately regretted it. 

This handsome man, full of skill and swagger, was telling me that he would teach me. 

Why was I not taking advantage of it!? 

I really didn’t have a lot of experience, so I had to take advantage of the chance…

My hands started to tremble. 

I removed my hands covering my face and turned my tightly bitten lips upward. 

This was no good, I have to relax. 

But once again, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t keep my eyes open—

The handsome man simply gave a light peck.

Bard’s body pulled away. 

I opened my closed eyes in confusion. 

His red hair, reminiscent of a lion’s mane, was scratched wildly as he contorted his face. 

When he noticed me standing there staring blankly at him, he sighed and dropped his shoulders.

“… It made me feel guilty.” 

“That… I’m sorry,” I honestly apologized. 

Yeah, I’m really sorry I have so little experience. 

The general seemed to have changed his mind, and had abruptly changed from seduction mode to his normal appearance. Which was still sexy.

The sex appeal of an adult man is scary.

From there the general took me straight to the administration building. 

It seemed that the domestic affairs of the kingdom were carried out in this building. 

The Prime Minister, who was the head of the department, was not here, as he had returned to his domain. I was introduced to an official who was to be my immediate superior.

“I am Walter. I’ll be asking you to assist me in the government affairs department three days a week. Nice to meet you.”

My boss was a demonic man with glasses about my age. 

No, no matter how you look at it, he’s an S, right? 

The sensation of sadism oozed out. 

His hair, swept back, was a normal brown color, but his sharp, sanpaku3 blue eyes are super scary.

This would be even scarier if he loved the dog he picked up on a rainy day4

…… Scary, but he seemed to have some common sense. 

I observed the official standing in front of me. 

If I were to make a mistake at work, it would be humiliating, but I wouldn’t be scolded unreasonably. That was what my salaryman’s intuition tells me. 

It doidn’t change the fact that I was scared, though!!

As we were leaving after the introductions, the general whispered to me in an amused tone, “Look for prey.” 

Just because you’re a great hunter, doesn’t mean you should expect me to have the same hunting techniques you do!

T/N: Walter is one of my favourites too. I do have some characters I don’t really like in this novel. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

Hardcore Gamer 7

Hardcore Gamer 6

That’s What You Call a Hardcore Gamer!

Translator: Kagura

Editor: Lu

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 6: First Night 

I was given a double room with Nachi. Probably because we were guild master and vice guild master, that’s why everyone was considerate of us. It seemed that everyone else had chosen a room appropriately, with three to five other people. Because the bedrooms only have one huge bed, which were big enough for six adult males to lie on, but there were no individual items, so the result is that the bedrooms were divided appropriately.

When the door opened, it revealed a large room. This defied the laws of physics. The guild hall’s exterior looks like a two-story tavern, but each door on the second floor leads to a large room.

I took a shower to test it as well. The electricity was on and the water was running, but that is no different from the original game. It was just that I couldn’t log out and the sensation became real, but since I was inside the game, I guess it was useless to think about things like sewers and such.

Wiping my wet hair with a towel, I went back to my room, which only had a bed, and Nachi was sitting down on the bed with his eyes closed, it seemed like he was having some kind of friend chat. It did not seem to be a voice chat because his mouth wasn’t moving. In the case of text chat, it is possible to communicate with multiple people all at once.

I sat down and maintained some distance so as not to disturb him. But soon enough, Nachi seemed to notice, he opened his eyes and looked at me. Then he seemed to have ended the chat and sighed, ‘Haa …’ .

“As expected… Everyone is feeling confused?”

When I asked while putting the towel in the bag feature, Nachi nodded vigorously.

“You sure know. It’s a big chaos. Isn’t there a lot of chat coming to you, Neji?” 

“Me? I’ve got a character message now that says, ‘I’m on leave until things settle down.'”

A character message is a personalized message that can be viewed by selecting the character’s name in the friend list.

“I think there is no such thing as a leave in this situation. I see. Are you blocking everything?” 

“I guess I will. Because I’ve got my hands full with the guild. Even though I haven’t done anything yet.”

Even so, I’m a guild master, and I have a strange sense of duty that I can’t just throw it away. In response to my words, Nachi folded his arms.

“We moved quickly to the guild hall and were able to declare that we had no problems for the time being with sleeping quarters and food- I feel it was more than enough. I’ve heard stories of guilds without guild halls, of guilds gathering in private homes, of warehouses that only had weapons in them to begin with, and on and on.” 

“It’s better to think things through simply. I mean, I don’t have the capacity to think too hard.”

I believe that if humans can sleep and eat, they can take care of themselves to a certain extent.

“By the way, Neji and I kind of got a room in the guild home, but… we have our own private homes too, right?”

A private home is a home feature that could be purchased by an individual with real money. Stalls and the like could be set up on that lot. If there is no payment, it is not possible to set up a stall. In such cases, we would use the bulletin board to trade.

“Do you want to sleep at home?” 

“I’m staying here for today. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep. I’m not so brazen that I can just nod my head and say, ‘Yes, that is so,’ and sleep soundly when someone suddenly says, ‘You can’t log out’.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Nachi agreed. In addition, unlike the guild hall, the private home could be reached with a button instead of each town. There is a home button above the logout button. Come to think of it, many of the guild members probably have homes as well, so we might as well encourage them to move there once they calm down.

“But not many people have planters at home.” 

“There won’t be much unless they decide to craft.” 

“Neji, you have a lot, right?” 

“I have. I’ve been growing rice, and the day after tomorrow I’m supposed to harvest about a thousand grains of rice, so I plan to keep steadily producing ingredients for the rice ball.” 

“I’m glad Neji is the guild master. Sorry, but I am thinking that you should make the box lunch that’s in the production recipe if possible.” 

“I shouldn’t have said that. I get it. If you help me gather the ingredients for the pickled plums, I will make it.”

After such an exchange, he would usually reply, “That’s fine with me though.The priest also has a range annihilation skill.” but we both fell silent. As far as I can tell from the status, there is no sign of any change in level or anything like that, but since the senses are so real, there is a good chance that the monsters are too. Even if it’s killing weak monsters, it seems that from now on, we will also experience the sensation of pain if we get injured. 

“Do you really want to go through the pain for the pickled plums? Nachi, I don’t mind the salty taste of the rice ball…” 

“…That’s right, but I kind of want to try killing them.” 


“Because I’m not going to die, am I? I, for once, want to have a realistic hunt. I want to defeat the boss at least once, too.” 

“It’s like you’re celebrating the situation where we can’t log out?” 

“If you call it an escape from reality, then that’s all it is.”

Nachi laughed jokingly when he said that. But I was convinced that he was serious. After three years of playing with him almost every day, both in real life and in games, I could tell that much.

“I’ll send the recovery medicine to your mail. Let me know when you go.”

Mail is the letter feature. Items can be attached. At the sound of my voice, Nachi nodded nonchalantly. Nachi was kind, but he was definitely more of a hardcore player than I was.

“Even so, defeating the boss? I wonder if Genesis is going to take the lead in defeating it after all.”

Vaguely remembering Heath and Mao, I opened the lid of the sports drink item that I took out of the bag feature. And when I took a sip, I found that this one also had a taste that I hadn’t felt before I became unable to log out. The drinks after the bath are delicious.

“I’ve been chatting with Mao too, and it looks like Genesis is going to defeat it. 


“I’ve been asked if I’d like to join a guild that has a lot of attack power but not enough priests and need a healer. I refused, but… from now on, the people who are going to attack may have to move guilds quite a bit.” 

“I see…” 

“It’s just that there’s a lot more ruckus from the casual chatting players than that kind of talk from the hardcore players.”

Nachi looked down. He closed his eyes with a complicated look on his face.

“What do you mean?” 

“Look, me and Neji shared the avatars with our real appearances, so our appearances haven’t changed, right?”


“In short, the ‘casual players’ were the ones who were trying to date, so many of them were making changes with their appearance to make themselves more popular.” 


“I heard that the lover who was supposed to be a peerless pretty boy has turned into an unrecognizable old man.” 

“As long as you have love, it won’t matter.” 

“I guess he only had love for the outward appearance. It seems there aren’t many people with values like Neji, and there’s been a string of breakups.” 

“It’s terrible.”

I’m a casual player, but not a dating person, so I wasn’t too sure about that part.

“For now, I’m going to go check out the town tomorrow and try to talk to friends.” 

“Is that so? Be careful.” 

“Yeah, thank you. What about you, Neji?” 

“I’ll check the inventory and see if there’s any other things… like clothing besides food? I’ll check those out. I’ve got shampoo and stuff, but no underwear or anything like that.” 

“Ah, I appreciate it.”

After such an exchange, we went to bed for the day. In the end, I slept.

Seduction Strategy 16

Seduction Strategy 14


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Chapter 14

I had a refreshing morning.

After Hans had left, I rubbed one out in the guest room toilet. 

To my surprise, there were flush toilets in some places in this world! 

To put it bluntly though, the main reason for having one here was that there was a canal running underneath this section of the castle. 

It seem that they gave me this room because otherworlders were particular about toilets and daily baths. 

Baths were widespread, but flush toilets not so much. 

Well, in general there were baths, but they were mostly public baths. The majority of the toilets were supposedly the dry type. 

When I was being educated at the temple, I was told that dry toilets were more common because they would provide material for making compost. 

Sakura-chan, were you also from a farming family? 

For now, let’s just breathe a sigh of relief that the evidence has been destroyed.

As soon as I woke up, I pulled the string on the side of the bed. 

Then Hans came into the bedroom carrying toiletries. 

While I was still in bed, he set up a footed tray with toiletries in front of me and then began choosing and preparing the clothes that I’ll wear for the day. 

I brushed my teeth and washed my face on my own. Then the pretty boy sat me down and provided me with a close shave. 

I stood up and took off my pajamas, he then helped me put on my outfit for the day. 

Hans pulled the string by the bed while I finished readying myself. 

Just as I finished dressing, a hot breakfast was brought into the living room by another servant. 

“Um… Hans, I can apparently get ready in the morning by myself. So, you don’t have to help me tomorrow. Can you just get me my clothes and toiletries ready the night before?” 

“… of course.”

He seemed puzzled by the eccentric otherworlder’s request, but he readily accepted it. 

The breakfast served was delicious. 

White rice and miso soup would have been my preference, but it seemed that bread is the staple food in this world. 

As I was eating my breakfast, I couldn’t help but admire Sakura-chan’s touching efforts so far. I guess she had done her best. 

I myself didn’t even know how to produce miso and soy sauce, but it seemed that Sakura-chan did since they also existed here.

As I finished my breakfast and was leisurely drinking my tea, Gilliam came to pick me up. 

Well, it’s finally time for my Knights’ debut!

** Knights’ debut — End. **

I wasn’t suited for it. I was devastatingly unsuited. 

First of all, I didn’t have the basic physical strength. 

Why? Because I’m 35 years old?! I am a white-collar worker?! 

If I had been in sales, I would have at least worked out my legs and feet by visiting clients, but I was an office worker. 

For more than a decade, I only exercised in my commute between home and work. 

Sure, the crowded train was tough and mentally draining, but it’s basically just standing there. 

Plus, most of the time while I was standing there, I was asleep.

Farangis sighed as he looked down at me, slumped in the corner of the training area, “What a useless otherworlder.” 

Gilliams face slightly soured and only muttered a stern, “Farangis.” in reaction to his harsh words.

“I’m prepared to risk my life to protect Sakura-sama, but I can’t take care of this extra one as well, you know?”

At first, during my training, I was exhausted just from running. 

Then, I was even more surprised at my complete lack of physical strength. 

They had given me a long sword to practice swinging, but it was so heavy that I had difficulty even lifting it. 

So, they switched me to a more lightweight wooden sword. However, rather than me swinging the sword around, I ended up being swung around by it. 

This training was impossible without some basic physical strength! I suppose that’s where I should start! 

The two handsome men were talking to each other, looking down at me as I gasped for breath at their feet.

Farangis spat with an incredulous tone, “… You know, I had thought that previous Sakura-sama wasn’t physically strong simply because she was a woman, but are young men from the other world the same?” 

“Well, he doesn’t have any muscles on his body. I can guess he rarely had to use his physical strength. And if you look at his hands, while they have pen calluses, the skin is still soft.” 

“He has the body build of a civil official, or a nobleman. All that means is that we have one more piece of baggage to protect with our bodies.” 

“Farangis! Sakura-sama is not baggage, alright?”

Yes, I am the baggage. I’m very sorry.

Sakura-chan’s dragon slaying setting was on easy mode, matching the girl’s physical strength. 

Apparently, all she had to do was cut through the dragon’s body in one place with the sword in her hand. 

That’s all it took in order for her holy power to come into play. 

The ones who truly had a hard time were her companions. 

They had to protect her from various threats along their journey, and if they saw the dragon, they had to weaken it first in order to get her close enough. 

They could weaken the dragon, but they couldn’t defeat it. 

Only maidens from the other world could do that. 

In other words, only me.

…… Can I be honest? 

I think my spirit will break before I depart to slay the dragon… 

It’s impossible to slay a dragon in this current state. 

It is said that all I have to do is to land a single blow, but the opponent will inevitably resist—so in all reality that’s not all I have to do.

Gilliam went on to defend me, “We have two more years before we can summon Sakura-sama again. After two years of training, Keigo would probably become useful in his own way.” 

I responded between ragged breaths, “……I don’t think there’s much room for growth. I am already at a certain age. But I will try just in case…”

Gilliam tilted his head in confusion at me, “… How old are you, Keigo? I think you can still grow.” 

“I just turned 35 this year, though.” 


“….eh ?” 

“I’m 35 years old.”

Even the people around the training grounds who had been listening in on the conversation all fell silent. 

Huh? I hadn’t told you guys yet?

I could hear the murmurs of the other knights in response to my declaration.

“… He’s a monster …” 

“… Isn’t he a scammer?”

The knights were talking however they pleased. 

No, how young did I look?!

It was often said that Asian people, especially Japanese people, looked younger than other ethnicities. 

It seemed that even in this world, people thought I was younger than I really was. 

At home, even among Japanese people, I was often seen as a young man. 

I had assumed that I had first told them my age when I came into this world, but… had I not? 

By the way, Gilliam was 27 years old and Farangis was 24 years old. 

It seems they thought I was the same age or younger than them. They’re joking, right?

Gilliam looked disheartened and solemnly remarked, “… But it’s hard to train you when I hear that. You will hardly grow.” 

“Isn’t it enough to teach him how to ride a horse and use a shield so he can run and hide?”

As I took a drink of water offered by a kind person walking by, I was thinking…

I wonder if this training will cause muscle pain tomorrow. 

I hope it would be tomorrow. 

Please don’t let it happen the day after tomorrow. 

I don’t want to be thought of as a young man, but I don’t want to think of myself as that old yet… 

I heard that as you get older, muscle pain doesn’t come the next day, but later. Is it true?

The muscle pain I had feared would come was avoided thanks to Hans, who expertly massaged me before bed when I told him what had happened. 

The capable worker had even mastered the art of massage. 

Secretly, I desperately tried to hold back the strange, coquettish voice that came out of my mouth in response to his exquisite technique. 

TN note: Sakura-chan is too awesome. I would be as useless as Keigo too if I got isekai’d. I really should learn some survival skills. Keigo!!!  Build up your stamina. It’s necessary in getting holy power too. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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